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  • Arioco Sp. Z O.O.

    We specialize in identifying foreign business partners and maintaining cooperation between clients from Central Europe East Asia. facilitate trade transactions import export. are exporters of products mainly Polish origin. open to your offers related export any industry. ...

    Telephone:48 - 0 - 0Address:Bartoszewicza 3/14 Warszawa, Mazowieckie

  • Go Dryfruits PL

    We are engage in the production and trading of Various types agricultural products from Poland.We committed to give our valued clients global business solutions, quality branded at down earth wholesale prices with best logistic services. ...

    Telephone:48 - 226 - 670012Address:Wooska 12, Warszawa, Warsaw,

  • P.P.H.U. Bio Juice

    Bio Juice is the direct producer of organic aronia berries and fruit products - mainly aronia, blackcurrant, crannberry other berries. Fruits used in production process come exclusively from certified plantations where they are grown with due care commitment. No fillers, preservatives or ...

    Telephone:48 - 510 - 551552Address:Dabie 108a Lukow, lubelskie

  • P.P.H. Ewa Bis sp. z o.o.

    EWA-BIS was founded in 1987 in Warsaw, Poland byMr Marek Marzec. The company belongs to Ewa-BisGroup, which operates in several business areas. Theexport of fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables is themain direction of the business.

    Telephone:48 - 48 - 7212*****Address:erwituty 25 Warszawa,

  • Jampol Leszek Kamieniarz

    One of the leaders on the Polish market of dried mushroom products. Our mushrooms come from the cleanest regions of our country and are of the highest quality.

    Telephone:48 - 607154 - 608*****Address:ul. Koszalinska 31 Koszalin, Koszali

  • WOJKO Włodzimierz Kołakowski

    WOJKO company has been on the European market continuously for 15 years.Currently we operate throughout country and other Union countries (eg Germany, Austria, Italy, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Russia) offering a rich assortment of sushi Asian food. We are direct importer. looking ...

    Telephone:48 - 508 - 3*****Address:Ogrodnicza Babice Nowe, Babice Nowe

  • P.H.U. KARMEL Dorota Nowak

    P.H.U. KARMEL Dorota Nowak is a Polish manufacturer of different aronia products as:- organic freeze-dried powder- dried whole fruit and frozen fruit- 100% juice- candied in dark chocolateAll specifications certificates available on customer,s request.We can also offer cosmetics.We ...

    Telephone:+48 - 660 - 486417Address:Podlesna Chechlo Drugie,

  • Greek Trade

    Our company is a trading specializing in import and distribution of food stuffs from nearly every part the world.Due to our consistent commercial policy aimed at satisfying client's needs, we have managed win great Polish market achieved stable position there. We are recognized deemed ...

    Telephone:48 - 12 - 3505335Address:Botewa 22 Krakow,

  • Euphoria

    Euphoria is a company of imports and exports in all sectors, not just food & beverage. buy products directly paying 100% LC leading European banks.When selling available to grant extended payment terms.Euphoria interested representing foreign companies sell their on the markets Italy ...

    Telephone:48 - 882 - 7*****Address:Lobzowska 10 Krakow, Poland

  • KHU Exbudrol

    We are a firm intermediary in the international commerce, representing business of Polish enterprises from food industry which we shareholders, or acceeded to our group as co-operative member. can offer many alimentary products excellent quality and moderate price ...

    Telephone:48 - 32 - 7813310Address:Sklodowskiej 29 Katowice, Silesia

  • MIEDZYCHOD Nowicka Sp.J.

    Telephone:48 - 601 - 0*****Address:ul. Gen. Sikorskiego 22  Międzychód, Wielkopolska


    export pine nuts from russia  ,licence ,factory in poland for clean nuts , logistics ,transport and other help chineese friends

    Telephone:48 - 724 - 341146Address:KREMLIN  MOSCOW,

  • F.H.U Rewera

    import export agricultural products, fresh -frozen fruit ,fresh -frozen vegetables ,grain , carbon, rape, peas kidney, firewood

    Telephone:48 - 698 - 1*****Address:ul.obozowa cracow, małopolska

  • Agri Cargo

    AGRI CARGO specialises in distribution flour, agricultural goods and fodders. exist on the market since 2006 year. We co-operate with many companies from central Europe now we are looking for new markets co-operators.If you suppliers will be appreciate to send detailed offer. ...

    Telephone:48 - 48 - 7181586Address:Sucharskieg 4/33 Ozorkow,

  • Premium Inter Pare

    Our company is involved in wholesale trade in metallurgy (used rails, copper) and agrobusiness (rice).

    Telephone:48 - 0 - 9571*****Address:ul. Wojska Polskiego 55/2 Slubice, Lubelskie


    We sell soft wheat, barley, yellow corn, nuts. We are represented end seller and can give you best prices on market

    Telephone:48 - 515188758 - 58Address:wojskiego warsaw, warsaw

  • Buraq Import and Export Ltd Bimex. Ltd

    TradeVerify BURAQ IMPORT AND EXPORT LTD (BIMEX. LTD). is a private enterprise with import and export qualifications. It big manufacturer of producing processing agricultural products other commodities. In recent years, depending on the stable quality reliable supply, we have gain prestige ...

    Telephone:48 - 128 - 811154Address:Ul. Zygmunta Augusta 26 Zachodniopomorskie, Zachodniopomorskie

  • Uni-bud

    We sell frozen and natural fruits/vegetables. Yearly we produce over 30 000 tons of frozen fruits.

    Telephone:48 - 223 - 073955Address:ul. BOLESLAWA KRZYWOUSTEGO 14 GORLICE, Ma?opolskie

  • Phoenix Corp International

    Established in 2015, Phoenix Corp International. is one of the fastest growing Exports and Importing company India. We are supplying international standards quality excellence to our customers, International understands that a world that's constantly motion, you have build on your ...

    Telephone:48 - 792 - 786560Address:ul.Akademik 5, im.gabriela narutowicza, 02-038 Warsaw, Warsaw

  • Complex Agro Trading

    COMPLEX TRADINGS LLC is considered a pioneer in the field of exporting agricultural products Ukraine with head office Poland. We know secret successful which to give your customers what they want wide assortment good quality Products and certainly lowest possible prices. Regarding our ...

    Telephone:48 - 678 - 7218161Address:Belwederska 26 Warszawa, Warszawa

  • Jarah Supplies Biz

    We are actively involved in the import-export and multi trading of a varieties items productsJarah-Supplies Biz, is leading international import-export, sourcing high quality products, items, stuff for retail companies individuals operating wholesale market specializing frozen foods ...

    Telephone:48 - 722 - 0*****Address:ul rzepnikowskiego Ilawa, warminsko mazurkie

  • Eco Diamond Star Ltd

    We are prominent suppliers Agricultural products such as white kidney beans, red purple speckled lightWe light small black navy beans.Get back for more details and procedures. ...

    Telephone:48 - 571 - 43565234Address:24 av polska Swiebodzice, Dolnoslaskie

  • White Hope Exp-imp Company

    Telephone:48 - 570939225 - 5709*****Address:58-17 street wroclaw,

  • Nut and Seed Pl

    Because we think global, our services starts from when you place your order right up to the moment clear goods while providing with after sale advices and updates about new product.Established in 2008, have been able build a solid client base Asia, Africa, Americas, The Middle East of-course ...

    Telephone:48 - 630 - 7267450Address:ul. Kapelanka 56 30 Krakw, Krakw

  • Saiiglobal Ltd

    Because we think global, our services starts from when you place your order right up to the moment clear goods while providing with after sale advice's and updates about new product.Our supplies include; Apricot oil almond ,Avocado oilDried ChickpeasChicken paw Ceramic Processors ...

    Telephone:48 - 632 - 7841002Address:ul. Nowy wiat 4a, 00-497 Warszawa Warsaw,