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  • Agrachem

    "AGRACHEM" is a large polish Import-Export company engaged in trading of chemicals and raw materials as Gum Rosin, Gum Turpentine, Gum Rosin Esters, Terphene-Phenolic Resin, Petroleum Resin, Calcium Phosphates, PVAc, VAM and FAME / Biodiesel.

    Telephone:48 - 34 - 36*****Address:Fabryczna 5 Wrzosowa, Slask

  • Romaxol

    hi we are a buying office. we buy all that our client looking for here in country. computers, material, software, motorcyles etc.

    Telephone:48 - 43 - 82*****Address:wrocławska 22 sieradz,

  • Water.Pl

    We are a Polish water treatment company since 1991. We offer also normal and color (colored) quarz sand, salt tablets and road salt (salt for roads).

    Telephone:48 - 692 - 152390Address:Zlota 61 lok. 100 Warsaw, mazowieckie

  • GloBio Trade

    Currently we offer:- soda ash- palm kernel shell- hibiscus flower (dried)- ginger (dried)- orange peal- sezame

    Telephone:1 - 786 - 5809598Address:Grudzieniec 60 Poznan, Wielkopolska

  • E-marso

    Telephone:48 - 605 - 096308Address:ul. Wesola 15/10 Chocianow, woj. dolnoslaskie

  • BusinessPlan Associate

    International Marketing Services for Small, Medium-sized Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.

    Telephone:0048 - 22 - 7292887Address:ul. Sosnowa 35 Podkowa Lesna Wsch., Mazowieckie

  • FPHU Bamaar

    FPHU Bamaar comes to live in 1989. From the beginning we concentrate our activity telecommunication field. We start with building main networks. Growing up, are now well equipped all earthwork machinery necessary for standard and fiber networks.Mostly contracting Polish Telecommunication ...

    Telephone:48 - 600 - 431720Address:ul. 1-go Maja 103a Skarzysko-Kamienna, S

  • PMR Consulting

    PMR Consulting offers market entry and research services for foreign companies interested in the Polish other Central Eastern Europe. Our include feasibility studies, partner search, setting up an office, M&A, JV assistance. ...

    Telephone:48 - 12 - 41*****Address:Supniewskiego 9 Krakow,


    The CYBERSNAKE Company is the importer from Poland and projects service company in below category:computer equipment, network computer equipment managementadvertisementArchitectural Urban We are offering occurring products services:1. Retail wholesale sale sport sunglasses2. ...

    Telephone:48 - 609 - 1*****Address:Siedliska 126 Brzeszcze,

  • Varico

    We are a highly competitive Polish software developer, targeting its products at the small and medium size companies market (SME). We tend to be provider of high quality user friendly programs, as well services information. Our applications can used for presenting / services, maintaining ...

    Telephone:48 - 61 - 8674288Address:Grunwaldzka 77 Poznan,

  • Noclaf Pty Ltd

    Noclaf Sp. z o.o. is a polish Company that manufactures bathroom furniture. covers both the local and international market. Having its roots in Australia, relocated to Poland 1994, remains committed producing high quality products, employing advance technology of workmanship. We believe ...

    Telephone:48 - 22 - 79*****Address:ul.Przemyslowa 75  Kostowiec, Warsaw

  • Fingroup Financial Service

    We are a finance and accounting services company. Outsource your accounting and finance to us we are located in Poland where services are of high quality and low cost. We are best at accounting and finance operations so do not hesitate to contact us.

    Telephone:48 - 22 - 8951995Address:St. Pruszkowska 29B Warsaw,

  • Witrochem

    P.P.H. WITROCHEM is a resilient private company operating since 1975. It produces wide range of plastic and metal bathroom equipment, mirrors in frames, lamps, lightening appliances. Moreover, the as wholesaler representative many famous firms sells raw materials such as: plastics, ...

    Telephone:48 - 61 - 65*****Address:Malwowa 150 Poznan, Wielkopolska

  • Annstar

    We are the Agent company. can help You in buying glass and crystal products directly from polish factories. offer following services:Research, Product Samples findings Market research for new trends suitable suppliers of that need - based on your specifications or samples. Having a knowledge ...

    Telephone:48 - 71 - 36*****Address:Czołgist�w 22 Wrocław,

  • Connecta

    The Commercial / Intermediary Agency to represent exporters, importers, manufacturers, distributors on commision basis or mutually agreed terms.If you are looking for potential partners and cooperation in various range of products, we can help enter the Polish market.We offer:- producers ...

    Telephone:48 - 42 - 6580105Address:ul.Osadnicza 9 Lodz,

  • PHR Ltd.

    we offer services for business. we suggest to send your inquiries. we have long term experience in the area.

    Telephone:48 - 22 - 7585045Address:Skr. poczt. 26 Otrebusy,

  • SKAT Transport

    We have been present on the market since 1991, offering services within scope of international transportation and forwarding. specialise in transport:- container FCL LCL- dangerous cargo (IMO,ADR)- full Truck loads up to 24 tons,- from 1 cbm 113 cbm,- general cargo.ALWAYS ON TIME ...

    Telephone:48 - 58 - 5245758Address:Twarda 12 Gdansk,

  • Majka Gmbh

    Office of Economic LawConsultancy of the Agreement InternationalFixed propertiesImport exportNegotiations for investorsChinese translationsSelecting sales partnersleading investment for the partner

    Telephone:48 - 71 - 36*****Address:LEGNICKA  WROC�AW,

  • ACMB Grou

    Good Day!We're a Trading Compnay specializing in introducing foreign innovations to Polish market. We are especially interested methods of obtaining all sorts energy and building materials an environmentaly friendly way.Kind regards,P. Adam Zawada ...

    Telephone:48 - 71 - 34*****Address:ul. Wrocławska 21; Mokronos Górny Kąty Wrocławskie,

  • Beverly

    We are looking for pellets importers in Europe. If you have interest of pelet lease send any question to us.

    Telephone:48 - 600 - 000000Address:Łagiewnicka Lodz,

  • Slodkie Chwile

    Shop online. We August sales online. Our domain is honesty, integrity and perfect service :DWe deeply hope that our cooperation will be carried out perfectly.

    Telephone:48 - 508 - 9*****Address:Koncertowa 3/5 m 68 Warszawa,

  • Neue Märkte Co. Ltd.

    Telephone:48 - 507 - 413683Address:Grunwaldzka Poznan,

  • Geomark

    We are looking for the business partners in other countries, here we have the good relationships with many companies and persons looking for the good deals.We can contact you together.

    Telephone:48 - 32 - 2572670Address:Aleja Korfantego 66/1 katowice, silesia

  • A.H.Z Polmark

    Our vision is to become globally recognised group for providing high quality products and services in our International Trading of commodities through a committed professional team with customer delight as the prime objective. The company engages wide range activities such trading ...

    Telephone:48 - 518 - 496090Address:Lenartowicza 18str Gdansk, Poland,

  • IT-Guard Co.

    Global Trading Company, b2b market, business cooperation, feel free to contac us. You can visit our Company site www.it-guard.pl

    Telephone:48 - 783 - 805962Address:Kartuska 91 Gdansk, Gdansk