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  • utralexco

    Leading Polish exporter of Fresh Apples, Royal Gala, Champion, Jonagold, Red chief, Idared, Ligol, Golden Delicious etc

    Telephone:+48 - 7395980 - 10*****Address:Ul.dobrazankeigo Lublin, lubelski


    TradeVerify KORTUS EXPORT IMPORT SP Z O is the Polish fastest growing export business in Poznan, our main focus to source branded goods from Germany and European markets at low competitive prices satisfy ever increasing worldwide demand. Principally we sell all Fast Moving Consumer Goods with ...

    Telephone:48 - 5323 - 99714Address:ul. Koronkarska 5/13 Poznan, Wielkopolska


    Good day Visitors,My name is Paulina Przepiorka and I represent Handlopak.We are suppliers exporters from Poland based in Masovian county which the biggest basin of orchards. In our basic offer we have apples (Gala, Golden Delicious, Idared, Jonagored, Gloster), pears chinese cabbage. At ...

    Telephone:48 - 789 - 255739Address:Konary 56 Warka, Warka

  • Sarafruit

    Sarafruit is the Polish producer of premium quality apples.We've been active in fruits and vegetables business for nearly25 years our apples, plums pears reach markets all overthe world (i.e. Great Britain, Germany, Egypt, Libya, Dubai, Kuwait,Saudi Arabia, India, China many more). ...

    Telephone:48 - 537 - 935155Address:Podlesna warsaw, zabki

  • Food and Beverages Global Enterprise

    We are leading manufacturer and direct supplier of German Baby Milk powder Aptamil many other infant formula as HIPP,NUTRILON ETC. also trade on European Beers for Heineken , bother Netherlands Made well beers from europe, deal with supply Energy Drinks .We have been in since 1999 the best market ...

    Telephone:48 - 3234 - 77789Address:Al. Niepodlegoci 123 Warszawa, Mazovia

  • Tandem Commoditie

    We are a small group of traders whose background is in commodity trading for big names. have been commodities more than 10 years. Thanks to our deep understanding the market and business requirements we provide added value customers. Our company built on principles providing 100% natural ...

    Telephone:48 - 574 - 308573Address:Aleja Marszalka Jozefa Pilsudskiego Olsztyn, Olszty

  • Foodtrade Dawid Pioru

    Foodtrade David Piorun export a meat and vegatbles from Poland .We sell mostly pork feet , pork half heads , pork bones , beef offals and beef trimmings , chicken wings , chicken leg quarter and whole chicken and CHICKEN MDM

    Telephone:48 - 888 - 431443Address:Batalionow Chlopskich 9 Lowicz, Lodzkie

  • Martifroze

    we sell Polish best deep frozen fruits, vegetables, mushroomsstrawberry, raspberry, sour cherry, blueberry, blackberry, apple, aronia/ chokeberry, plum, currant red, blackcauliflower, broccoli, onion, leek, tomato, carrot, parsley, parsnip, celeriac, green bean, yellow beetroot, ...

    Telephone:48 - 603 - 174784Address:R www.martifrozen.com, www.martifrozen.com

  • Kreolex Sp. Z O.O.

    We are offering connection between best suppliers and potential buyers, specializing in frozen pork, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, fish seafood products, potato starch, milk powder, tomato paste many other products from all continents. deliver door to on EXW FOB or CIF bases. Please contact us ...

    Telephone:48 - 53 - 17*****Address:Dabrowskiego 75/70 Poznań, wielkopolskie

  • Verbana

    We are Polish exporter of frozen vegetables and meat. We also offer powder milk. We are kindly inviting you to start to co-operate to u

    Telephone:48 - 691704 - 468Address:Gro Ro 5 Torun, Poland

  • Stall


    Telephone:48 - 605 - 525885Address:PLOCHOCINSKA 19 WARSAW, MAZ

  • Columber

    Columbers is a company founded by group of people who have combined their experience in various areas trade, management, marketing and advertising with the knowledge foreign languages.Long-term cooperation wide range companies Poland has allowed us to combine practical accumulated ...

    Telephone:48 - 79245 - 7428Address:Chocimska 8 Wrocalw, Dolnoslaskie

  • AA Spolka ZOO

    A&A Spolka ZOO is a marketing firm with branches in several European countries. We represent top suppliers of Beef, Pork and Fish from Chile, Argentina, Canada, Brazil more who are authorized to sell China, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines all the markets. Are you looking for reliable good quality ...

    Telephone:48 - 58 - 7358116Address:Seweryna Pienieznego 4A,  Ostroda, Ostroda

  • Laspol

    We are trading company who sell agricultural products on EU market. We are looking for suppliers of vegetables fats. Please feel free to contact us for specification

    Telephone:48 - 510917 - 411*****Address:Kotłowo 4 Kotłowo,

  • Novum

    We are a polish company which sells vegetables, fruits, sugar and meat. Origin: only Poland. We are interested in cooperation with the worldwide companies.

    Telephone:48 - 94 - 3415985Address:ul. Mlynska 63/2 Koszalin, zachodniopomorskie

  • Max Export Import

    Our company exists since 1991, we have started transport activity in 2000. We buy fruits and vegetables in mazovian region near Grojec and export it to foreign countries. We guarrantee very high quality of our products. We invite to cooperation!

    Telephone:48 - 607 - 6*****Address:Badkowska 16 Goszczyn,

  • Agroskaner Ltd

    Agroskaner is a limited liability company established in 2011, it involved the sale of fruits andvegetables on Polish market and abroad. To meet demands market, we focus high qualityproductsthat all EU trade standards. Our goal your satisfaction, which motivates us to work accordancewith ...

    Telephone:48 - 22 - 7796654Address:Koscielna 14 Otwock, Mazowiedzkie

  • Ladex Spolka Jawna

    We are involved in the retail of variety products. endeavor to increase and while we determined perfect quality through human controls supervision, believe using technological tools assist us improving it, call upon our all partners give a helpful hand. LADEX structures exchange commodities ...


  • 2-Invest Sp Zoo

    Fresh fruits and vegetables wholesale.Apples Gala,Golden,Champion,Jonagored,Jonagold,Decosta,Prince.We are specialized in selling Polish high quality products citrus from all over the world. 2-Invest is a direct supplier to major supermarket chains many trade partners both at home ...

    Telephone:48 - 515 - 991212Address:Niepodleglosci 102 Knurow, slaskie

  • Farm Frites Poland S.A.

    we Farm Frites Poland SA (FFP)is a producer of high quality frozen foods.Thanks to over 50 years traditionand experience, enjoy strongmarket position in the following sectorsof food industry: fruitsand vegetables, meat and -vegetable products, specialty products,freezing cold storage ...

    Telephone:48 - 3274 - 66802Address:ul. Abrahama 13 84-300 Lbork Abrahama, Lbork

  • Ak Service

    We are import-export company from Poland. export Poland animal feed as meadow hay, seed wheat straw, rye yellow corn feed, wheat, barley. trade also with fresh polish apples, vegetables and high quality eggs - white brown, common organic.We round wood. ...

    Telephone:48 - 502 - 822166Address:Raclawicka 6 Warsaw, mazovia

  • Rafood S

    RAFOOD Sp. z o. o. is a trading company specialized in food. With 20 years of experience and a strong team, we trade around the world with focus on the EU markets.

    Telephone:00 - 48 - 605999506Address:Brzezie Gostyn, Gosty

  • Topnetworker

    We are a company dealing with export and import with headquarters in Poland. We serve the world market. We have agents involved in the search for great futures and products to order the customer.

    Telephone:48 - 731 - 168940Address:Piastowska 21 Kamienna Gora, dolnoslaskie

  • Bastet Plants Trading

    We are a small team of four people and every single them is specialist in its sphere - finance investment analysis, accounting control, law legal advices, transport logistics. allways open for new ideas, searching ways to develop ourselves our company. value qualities like solidarity, ...

    Telephone:48 - 4228 - 85469Address:Sankt Petrburg Blvd Plovdiv, Hisarya

  • Globico Group Sp Z .O. O

    GLOBICO GROUP is a company having widespread business network to satisfy clients. Being Multi-Commodity Trading Company, we are serving number of industries. As enlisted amongst the one outstanding Exporters and Importers wide range products from many countries, based in Poland, meet ...

    Telephone:48 - 588 - 810310Address:UL.TATRZANSKA 6B nr lok.10 81-328 GDYNIA-POLAND GDYNIA, GDYNIA