• Pleuro-Bio-Tech

    We are Polish company established in 1990. We\'ve been cooperating with many partners in Western Europe, USA and Canada.

    Telephone:48 - 62 - 7661355Address:Kulisiewicza 46 Kalisz Poland

  • Leszczynskie Przedsiebiorstwo Przetworcze REWIS...

    We are medium size company established in 1994. Our main products various traditional polish and international meals packed jars cans. also manufacture vegetable salads, mushrooms soups. Having been on the market for over 15 yaers we have developed effective system of production. apply ...

    Telephone:48-65-5290851Address:Wilkowicka 29, Leszno, Wielkopolska, Poland


    Skype: victrade.company Mobile: +48530872001 (also through WhatsApp, Viber) Victrade Company is the young trading company from Poland. It deals with different kind of products as trader or agent. Despite short existance, it has long experience in frozen food business. Victrade Co. its ...

    Telephone:48-530872001Address:Sieradzka, Opole, opolskie, Poland

  • Global Service Poland


    Telephone:0048 - 788 - 155158Address:irydiona 2/5 lublin lubelskie Poland

  • EKOVITA Sp. Z O.o.

    Ekovita is a mell from north-east of Poland, regian known for its eklogical and agricultural traditoin, specialized n producung:Baker's wheat and ried flours grit ecological flour wheat and ried bran

    Telephone:48-504-557-858Address:Młyńska 5

  • PK Industries Spolka Z .O.O

    Our product groups are substantial, wide and varied; each has its own sub-products covers as many our customers require us to carry, while we endeavor provide the variety, quality is prime priority, feel products well fairly priced, never cease strive improve ?value price ratio? for, quality, ...

    Telephone:48 - 22 - 3895995Address:Aleje jerozolimskie 98 00-807 Warsaw Poland warsaw warsaw 00-807 Poland

  • XL Energy Marketing Sp. Z O.o.

    XL Energy Drink has its offices in Poland and the USA. Our product is present in over 50 countries. More than 130 million cans per year are consumed worldwide.

    Telephone:48-22-839-7599Address:Niegolewskiego 17

  • Jax Holding Ltd

    We are wholesalers of coca cola,sprite,pepsi,fanta,7up and other soft drinks, can 330 ml a at very affordable prices. \"Red Bull\" The Most Popular Energy Drink in World. All text is English. We supply you Red Bull Regular, Sugar Free, Shot Cola. Available cans 250 ml, 355 & 473 ml. ...

    Telephone:48 - 745 - 201875Address:ZOLNIESKA 48 Lodz Lodz Poland

  • Global Beverages Group

    Global Beverages Group is a trading company specialised in beverages, energy drinks, soft drinks, energy waters and functional waters. For more informations please chceck our website.

    Telephone:48 - 543 - 111111Address:Matyldy 35 Warsaw Mazowieckie 03-606 Poland

  • Meliseus Michal Sasin Piotr Krawczyk

    Meliseus is a company oriented on supplying high quality ecological and safe food products form Poland to the international customers.We also focus importing goods as well finding contacting business partners. If you are looking for partner in would like buy or sell any specific product, we can ...

    Telephone:48-22-2036440Address:Pieciolinii 5/26, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, Poland

  • INTERFRYS-Kusowo

    Good morning, we are Company from north of Poland which specialize in buying fresh fruits and vegetables, iqf freezing, sorting, calibrating, cutting preparing semi-product for Companies that need good quality raw material production jam, juice, yoghurt etc. The was established 1988. We ...

    Address:Globino 50e, Slupsk, Pomorskie, Poland

  • Groupscompanies

    We are pleased to furnish the following offer: We leading company supplying best quality Nido Milk Powder available in below sizes : 24 tins x 400gms (Load ability 20\' FCL - 910 cartons / 40\'FCL 1800 cartons) 12 900gms 900 cartons/ 1750 6 1800gms 20\'FCL 700 40\' 1300 2500gms 600 1440 ...

    Telephone:48 - 56 - 6971445Address:ul. Paderewskiego 6 Brodnica Brodnica Poland

  • AlcoSpirit Sp. Z O.O.

    We are Polish based company with several years experience in vodka production and distribution. Currently our portfolio contains three products - vodkas range: Super Ultra Premium Hevelius Vodka 6 times distilled Sopel 5 Mainstream Polka 3 Within next few days we\'ll start SOS Energy Drink. ...

    Telephone:48 - 58 - 5244212Address:30, KOLOBRZESKA GDANSK 80394 Poland

  • Zak?ad Przetw�stwa Mi?snego

    Polish manufacturer of canned meet for children and adults. we sell only best products worldwide. Our customers are very satisfied. We run our business for  more than 20 years.

    Telephone:48 - 50 - 5548363Address:Wólczańska 127 Lodz Lodz Poland

  • German American Corp.

    We are a US-European service and trading company specializing in baby elderly care products directly from Europe. Our specialty high quality children's milk products. All our made locally sourced ingredients They of highest up to the latest scientific research knowledge. ...

    Telephone:1-7734146462Address:6904 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • PUH Pilot Sp. Z *****

    PUH PILOT POLSKA SP. ***** is a company which has been active in the food industry continuously since 2000. For over 10 years, we have responding to tendencies of development Polish and foreign markets. We reaching out our Customers, invariably showing dynamic sales figures; never tire endeavor ...

    Telephone:48-509-327297Address:Mokotowska, Warsaw, Poland

  • Alpha Group Commodities

    Since 2003, we have been at the top of an ever growing chain supplies. We grown from scratch to empire business now. Dealing with several basic commodities and intending expand our trade sphere. aim give all customers best authentic products, certified porducts most prices good relations. ...

    Telephone:48 - 340 - 581671Address:Radomin 136 87-404 Radomin Pomeranian 87-404 Poland

  • Mohammed Karim Ltd

    THE COMPANY ACTIVITY: Nowadays the company is specialized in purchasing raw material, washing and treating of vegetables, olives, seeds manufacturing pasteurization stage, packing pet, glasses, tins trays stock following finished products: Mushrooms - Artichokes Olives Appetizers ...

    Telephone:48-897-784512Address:Kerry Kubilius, Gdansk, Other, Poland


    Telephone: 48-17-517 793 282Address:ul.3 maja 484

  • Poland dairy food prod co

    Telephone: 48-22-3386881