• Lenpolski

    All of our products are embroidered and crafted in Poland by skilled artists, many them nationally recognized awarded. We also specialize custom orders any size.Our firm, created Polish American team, strives to accomodate even the most difficult original designs. ...

    Telephone: 01-562-4375703Address:P. O. Box 3422

  • Stuttgarter-mode

  • Lama"LAMA" Sp. z o.o. sp.k

  • SEMA Sp. z o.o.

    Telephone: 48-52-3561420Address:Rzemieslnicza 7

  • Sagan textile Krzysztof Sagan

    Telephone: 0048-43-8230553

  • foxsell

  • Starmach

    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-666-878040Address:Dluga 185

  • Marysia

    I produce exquisitely handmade embroidered pictures sourced directly from photos or images (also portraits). Any picture may be ordered designed individually.Embroidery is always handcrafted with high quality muline.All direct costs (thread, canvas, frame, work) are included in overall ...

    Telephone: 0048-694330312Address:Ozansk 1/10

  • Justpol Sp.Z.O.O.

    Telephone: 48-58-6769699Address:Sloneczna 37


    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-42-6406191Address:Przedwiosnie 2

  • A&T Int

    We have been operation on worldwide market for 10 years. We cooperate with many companies around the world. We have good business contact in BLCO, UREA, PAPER and many others products. We have good business contacts on Chinese market

    Telephone: 48-81-4403181Address:Kunickiego


    Telephone: 48-61-8803755Address:Zeyland 4/7, 60-808 M. POZNAN

  • Manufacturer Sheepskin Tannery Poland

    Established in 1992, our company specialises sheepskin dressing. As befits born and raised highlanders, we value tradition the tanning methods passed down from generation to generation.To meet customers' expectations, keep introducing innovative technologies using highest ...

    Telephone: 48-18-606966107Address:Za Woda 3

  • quot;WOJTOL"

    Telephone: 48-605-059166Address:Okulickiego street 59

  • ovatex

    Telephone: 48-695005500

  • usedclothes1

    Our company offers full range of used clothing from our Polish door to collection.We can supply all kind clothes.We offer African mixes , Pakistan mixes, unsorted and sorted clothes but on request we also deliver as desired.Please send us more details regarding you are interested in. ...

    Telephone: 48-508-391077Address:augusta

  • artosepsro

    Telephone: 48-12-4333333

  • WACMAC Waclaw Bar

    Telephone: 48-016-6426254Address:Sietesz 218

  • Europoll Maciej Bury

    Europoll company trades primarily dietary supplements, and profiles for the dry wall. We have a base of 5,000 customers. We are interested in working with each manufacturer

    Telephone: 48-695098020

  • Hjort Knudsen Polen Sp. z o.o.

    Telephone: 48-67287698Address:Wysoczka 21