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  • coopertrading

    We offer very high quality of any kind of foods, pet food, grains, commodities.Our delivery is very fast because we are partner of major players of cooperative

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 96496079Address:curitiba city, parana state, brazil Curitiba,

  • Maxtech Comercio E Servico

    Company trade buyer is seller.We work directly with producers of our country products such as Arabica coffee, soybean, sugar, honey, palm oil, coconut oil and other from Brazil.We can supply in small or large quantities.We accept payment by paypal for orders ship EMS.For we have a carrier the ...

    Telephone:55 - 74 - 363*****Address:Rua Cafe Filho,212 Centro Tapiramuta, Bahia

  • Unilog - Universal Logistic

    Unilog - Universal Logistics Services / Brazil is a renown Brazilian NVOCC company for maritime and air shipments which deals with several goods to all continents, such as: honey, ceramic tiles, medical & odontics, coffee, meat, sugar, rice, fresh/dried fruits, footwear, cashew nuts, ...

    Telephone:55 - 13 - 32161510Address:R Martin Afonso 96 Santos,

  • Sonia Nuts Ltd

    We are One of the Biggest producers cashew nuts both raw and roasted.It is now widely grown in tropical climates,The delicately flavored nut a favorite between meal snack that can be readily found your local market year round Brazil. It also makes wonderful butter special addition to salads ...

    Telephone:55 - 725 - 7023*****Address:Região Espirito Santo, Estado

  • Sa Mdc International

    I would like to introduce SA MDC INTERNATIONAL that has been in trading business for the past 5 years. We have been an established and popular company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction.

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 31654111Address:Rua Oscar Freire 384 São Paulo, São Paulo

  • Abilio Trading Ltda

    Abilio Trading Ltda is located in Sao Pualo, Brazil, which a professional and comprehensive agricultural foods products processing export-import company.Our company specializes all nuts, seeds & kernels pulses including peanuts products, pumpkinseeds kernels, sunflower bird foods.Our ...

    Telephone:0055 - 1194 - 6188601Address:Rua Visconde de Porto Seguro 1238 Sao Paulo-SP 04642-000 BRAZIL Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo SP

  • Actus Foreign Trade

    We are a company that deals in foreign trade and our activity is help manufacturers to export their products also import raw material machines for use industrial activity.We Brazilian established Southern Brazil and, although we have started activities 2012 only, count on staff with large ...

    Telephone:55 - 48 - 341*****Address:Rua Anita Garibaldi, 141 s 204 Criciuma, Santa Catarina

  • Gola Food

    Gola Foods’ vision is making people feel good, look good and to have a healthy life with quality products made passion expertise. Our inspiration share the world what Brazil has offer: An incredible biodiversity of flora vocation feed Earth.Gola Foods came need qualified, innovative be in ...

    Telephone:55 - 313654 - 2242Address:Rua Vancouver,219, Jardim Canadá Nova Lima, Minas Gerais/Brazil

  • Extremosul

    Dear Sir, We're a reliable supplier with 44 years in the market producing long fine white and parboiled rice different qualities, since 5% broken to fully brokens. (we plant, produce process) We could supply 50kg , 25kg, 5kg, 2kg, 1kg bags. Also, we short grain, japonico one special for ...

    Telephone:55 - 53 - 32842391Address:Praca 20 de Setembro 747  Pelotas, RS

  • Foresto

    I am a Direct Brazilian Agent representing Brazialian Producers of Arabica and Robusta Coffee in Brazil. We are doing this to lower the price on International Market make sure that producer gets bigger piece pie not midle man.Any more informations please contact me by email.I can English ...

    Telephone:55 - 173421 - 6751Address:Nassif Miguel 1034 Votuporanga, Sao Paulo

  • Guanabara Farm

    It's a Farm:produces coffee grain coffea arabica produces wood eucaliptusstarting to produce fish

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 91347025Address:Rua Zoroastro Passos 154 Candeias, Minas Gerai

  • MC Consulting and Busine

    MC Consulting and Neógios this commodity in the business for over 15 years, encouraging the buyer to be able to get the best goods and prices in Brazil.

    Telephone:55 - 12 - 97920358Address:Rua Frei Pedro C Macena São Paulo , São Paulo

  • Investment Brasil

    We are based in Brazil, the first agriculture export market global scene, what place us a very safe and trustful condition to keep contact directly with providers of great range products from Brazilian market. To mention few: meat (beef, chicken/halal, pork), fish, oils, soybeans, wheat, rice, ...

    Telephone:55 - 51 - 33318203Address:RUA MARQUES DO POMBAL 824/101 PORTO ALEGRE, RS

  • Kleberson Rodrigue

    Our company is an import and export based in Sao Paulo, Brasil with extensive experience international trade. We has a combination of experience, knowledge resources wide range relationship, which are most vital elements often overlooked the nature climate - as well commodity exchange ...

    Telephone:55 - 1199701 - 2246Address:Rua Limeira,79 Santana de Parnaiba, Sao Paulo

  • Top Trade International

    We work directly with the farmers, so you get the best prices every time.Honesty and responsibility are the key to any relationship and for sure you will find a partner that you can trust.

    Telephone:01 - 718360 - 0662Address:1274 49 ST suite 440 Brooklyn, NY

  • Full-log

    If your company wants to access the international market with products or you want import which are in business area can count on our support and expertise of Full -Log Group.Full-Log Commodities Trading combines experts marketplace knowledge advantages a vast network industry contacts ...

    Telephone:55 - 21-98103 - 5592Address:Visconde de Inhaúma - 58 - room - 707 Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

  • Link Trading

    Link Trading is part of Business Group, which has a team professionals with extensive experience in the import and export market, international law trade representation . We from offer support to companies around country who wish participate on foreign operations also advise other countries ...

    Telephone:55 - 9899182 - 9156Address:Avenida Colares Moreira,N°01, Edifício Golden Tower, Sala 406, Renascença II São Luís, Maranhão

  • Romar Trading

    Romar Trading is the Brazilian branch for IVS Trading, both companies have a vast network of suppliers and consumers worldwide.We sell high quality timber, soybeans, corn, PVC film packaging, many other products. We are dedicated to offer best price value all our customers.Sincerely,Romar / ...

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 91592171Address:Rua Iapo 185 loja 16 Pinhais, Parana

  • Tiago Food Ltda

    Our company is base in Brazil we cultivate and process our products in Brazil before distributing it in the rest parts of the world for more information you can contact our commercial department.

    Telephone:5511 - 983423 - 541Address:R. Manoel Pinto de Carvalho, 229 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Minerio Flex

    Dear Sir.My name is Felipe Souza, I am from Brazil.I'm sugar and grains in Brazil.work directly with own producer Brazil.We are ready sincerely available to export you.We serve large industries the world.We have a supply of grains.We can be partners.You make quote us?Best RegardsFelipe ...

    Telephone:55 - 1195113 - 6996Address:Rod Joao Hermenegildo de Oliveira Bragança Paulista, Bragança Paulista

  • TCB Trading Company Bureau

    Trading company bureau. Purchasing or selling between Brazil, Romania or other country, pelaste do not forget to contact us immediately.

    Telephone:55 - 7999639 - 1515Address:Rua Construtor João Alves, 112, 13 de Julho Aracaju, Sergipe

  • Prime Importacao E Exportacao

    Prime Import and export, the best Trading company on the market, contact us by our number!+55 65 3052-2940

    Telephone:55 - 65 - 305*****Address:Av. Historiador Rubens de Mendonca, 1894, SL 1302 Ed. Maruana, Jd. Aclimacao cuiaba, MT

  • 3HC Busine

    3HC Business Company has as objective to create and explore business opportunities mainly in agricultural commodities.We are a company positioned one of the most important markets world, bringing more export industry Brazil. ...

    Telephone:+55 - 47 - 984056484Address:Emanoel Pinto Piçarras, Santa Catarina

  • Pefral - Agro Representations Ltd

    Pefral - Agro Representations Ltd. We are a limited company, we export and produce agricultural products such as: rice, corn, soybeans, sugar icumsa 45, corn meal, grits, flakes, hominy white yellow creamed , popcorn, beans, black bran, soybean wheat fruit juices, etc. .. All our have ...

    Telephone:55 - 14 - 38881675Address:Pedro Jose Vieira 50 Pereiras, SP-Brasil

  • Rolldey Corp SA

    Good Afternoon, Im Victor from Rolldey Corp SA, company specialized in foreign trade located in Brazil. We provide wheat, corn(maize), soy, sugar and biodiesel. We are looking for new partners.

    Telephone:55 - 16 - 981340807Address:Terceira Avenida Balneario Camburiu, Santa Catarina

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