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  • MiliGrano Commoditie

    General CommoditiesOrigen BrazilSupply and send CIF : rice, beans , oil , corn, soybeans , sugar, chicken, turkey, swine , bovine and others as the letter of intent - LOI

    Telephone:55 - 19 - 999303262Address:R Adriano Jos de Barros, 188 Campinas, Campina

  • Lucas Food Ltda

    our company is base in Brazil and it is well know in the world because of it,s ability in supplying it,s products in all parts of the world and also because of the good quality of our products.

    Telephone:5511 - 983423 - 541Address:Avenida Ana Costa, 291 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • FlaFil International Market

    We are trading food company since 2015. Looking for chicken feet and other parts. Also beef, Low Grade Tallow and pork.

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 9961*****Address:Rua Costa Rica, 295 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • Aversan Meat

    we have offers from offal - lamb -meat -pig,we have large quantities to offer great goods from Spain and Brazil.

    Telephone:55 - 17 - 981449011Address:Brazil Santa F Do Sul, so paulo

  • Trading Brasil

    Frozen processed chicken legs, grade ACountry of origin BrazilWeight: 35-50 gSize: 12- 20 centimetersFROZEN feet from BrazilGrade 1, DO BRASIL. Description:- washed and cleaned.- No yellow skin.- feathers.- foul smell.- blood.- bruises.- black cushions.- traces deep wounds."No burning ...

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 984161054Address:Rua Clara Regina São Paulo, São Paulo

  • Seara Alimentos S.A

    Founded in 2007, Seara Alimentos S.A, is the regional pioneer offering high quality food and frozen products, marketing expertise technical services across manufacturing, retail hospitality industries. Headquartered Brazil with offices warehousing facilities European Union USA. We ...

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 40422649Address:Rua Eurico Duwe, 5230, Rio Da Luz, Jaragu Do Sul, SC - 89264-000,Brazil Jaragu Do Su, santa catarina

  • Brazil Food SA

    we offered high quality product to our clientswe offered high quality product to our clientswe offered high quality product to our clientswe offered high quality product to our client

    Telephone:55 - 674653 - 858Address:128 agrave sao paolo,

  • Rising Brasil

    Rising Brasil is one of the largest and most differentiated Brazilian trading companies. With over 15 years experience in integrated services which improve workflows processes, company anticipates trends constantly attentive to challenges, looming future many different markets.Our ...

    Telephone:55 - 813031 - 9822Address:Av. Marechal Mascarenhas de Morais 5855 Recife, PE

  • European Chamber in Brazil

    exclusive and official buyer of companies worldwide.we buy: poultry pieces: feet, paws, mid joint wing, othersmeatsoyabeansugar ic45rice, oat, powder milk, soap and others basci product

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 9958*****Address:AV HIGIENOPOLIS, 18 SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO

  • MITrade

    We are interested in becoming supplier to your company.Maize ( Brazilian, Argentinian, Mexican)Sugar Brazilian EUR1certified)Soybean Argentinian)He can offer you great prices based on SPOT or contract deals.Please contact us for updated price.I will wait reply.Rafael MesquitaUSA#: ...

    Telephone:55 - 6299909 - 5510Address:Ave. c255 No 370 Goiania, Goia

  • Pds Ltda

    Our company sells Processed Beef, chicken, and also selling by-products from the processing of these meats. We are sellers certified Halal, HACCP frozen chicken we looking for serious buyers to extend our long term business with, supply FOB / CIF any port without problem. product meet SGS ...

    Telephone:55 - 722 - 205700Address:Rua Tutia, 1157 04007-900 - Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo

  • Agricola Jandelle S.A

    Agricola Jandelle LTDA Big Frango is a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of Frozen Chicken, functional in Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia Oceanic states. We are offering large variety Chicken that includes Breast Boneless Skinless, Joint Wings, Shawarma, Whole Griller, Paw, Feet, Wing ...

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 985067927Address:Av. Itamarati, 2020 - Parque Industrial, Rolndia  Av. Itamarati, 2020 - Parque Industrial, Rolndia - PR, CEP-86600-00, Brasil, Rolndia

  • Lastro Exportacaoe Importacao S/A

    A LASTRO EXPORTACAO E IMPORTACAO S/A um(a) Sociedade Anonima Fechada de Linhares - ES fundada em 04/02/2002. Sua atividade principal Comrcio Atacadista De Mercadorias Em Geral, Sem Predominncia De Alimentos Ou De Insumos Agropecurio

    Telephone:55 - 119490 - 26479Address:Brazil Sao Paul,

  • Cpw Brasil

    Import & Export CompanyWe currently export many types of meat from Brazil ex:-Frozen veal and its parts-Frozen chicken and its parts-Frozen Duck and its partsFrozen Pork and its part

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 991994409Address:Rua Jorge Tzachel, 38 Sala 302 Itajai, Santa Catarina

  • Amigo Chicke

    frozen whole chicken , all chicken cuts ,chicken paw , feet direct seller / SIF avaliabledirect Brazil origin seller , contact for more

    Telephone:55 - 56705555 - 555Address:antos santos, brazil

  • Sadiabrfmeatde

    Farm animals mean business for BRF - Brasil Foods. Among the world's largest food companies, Brazilian provider of fresh and frozen meats operates its own farms, slaughterhouses, animal-feed units, incubators, processing plants. The company's lineup comprises three ...

    Telephone:55 - 321 - 3445555Address:Anapolis Sao Paulo, Sao Paoulo

  • Nass Global Co Ltd

    We are specialize in exporting and the leading company Fresh Frozen FoodProducts.Our select healthy good animals from across countryand slaughters them at a world health standard our abattoir.We always adopt best international quality for production of bestand fresh meat. ...

    Telephone:55 - 256 - 2547853Address:Av. Santa Maria N0 2415 -Region Metropolitana de Santiago Santiago, Santiago

  • Pharma Nectar

    Nectar Farmaceutica Ltda, was founded in 1980 as a beekeeping company for Propolis, Apitoxin and Honey production domestic oversea markets. Then, 1990, established magistral pharmacy started working with phytotherapy, besides specializing so far Apitherapy. Our quality management ...

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 881*****Address:rua pernambuco 1066 belo horizonte, mg

  • Gateway Container Line Logisitica Int'l Ltda

    Telephone:55 - 11 - 32844237Address:Av Brigadeiro Luis Antonio, 2466 - conj 101 - Jd Paulista Sao Paulo, SP

  • Agro Group Suplier

    Very low Price to Quality ratio Excellent taste perception Affordable for the market Best quality food commodities in world today.we have all best services and we sell at a very good priceWe own license manufacture export our products over world.We countries like Asia, America Africa ...

    Telephone:55 - 31 - 32266045Address:Avenida Alvares Cabral 1777 Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerai

  • Quadriunvirato Holding

    ell eucaliptus logs with 30/40 centimeters of diameter. Urugrandis eucaliptus from brazil

    Telephone:55 - 41 - 992024501Address:Rua Schaffemberg de Quadros, 712 São José dos Pinhais, São José dos Pinhai

  • ECOLogs Ltd

    ECOLogs was born in the interior of Parana, more precisely city Apucarana where it worked to serve internal market wood for than 20 years using name Serraria Coral Ltda. During this time company has improved unfolding and processing construction industry. In 2015 undergoes reformulations its ...

    Telephone:55 - 47 - 96090467Address:Alvaro Beraldi, 400 Itajai, Santa Catarina

  • Dna Ambiental

    Hi THE DNA Ambiental , was created in order to meet the need of global Market and environment. Composed by a highly trained, experienced committed team. Located Santos - Brazil, which is largest port Latin America. Our company always seeks needs each customer, with practical effective ...

    Telephone:55 - 13 - 996416183Address:Rua visconde de maua 03 Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Diartuso Madeira


    Telephone:55 - 69 - 999643860Address:RUA BRUNA Rio Branco, ACRE

  • Kairos Fitoquimico

    We would like to show you many wonderful things from Brazil. we have items that can be added to cosmetics or eaten naturally. We have natural cosmetics and essential oils. Please contact us if you wish to know more

    Telephone:55 - 19 - 33833881Address:Rua Cl처vis Bevil찼cqua, 207, sala 08 Ed. Talent Office, Bairro Jardim Brasil campinas, Sao Paulo

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