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Black Cat Honey

Company Introduction

Black Cat Honey Facts What is raw honey?? Read all about the qualities of raw honey in our honey facts. Honeys Clarity is of great concern to larger honey producers which sell on a national basis. Unfortunately, the process improving the clarity involves heating and pumping it through fine filters. While this may improve the clarity and appeal to the uninformed consumer, this process removes the pollens and the excessive heat destroys the honeys beneficial enzymes. Think yogurt & active cultures. Raw or Unfiltered Honey (unprocessed) will exhibit a "wax ring." Although a majority of the wax is removed during the initial settling, following the extraction process, microscopic particles of wax will float to the top as the honey continues to settle in the jar. At Black Cat Honey we guarantee you will get all of our honeys natural benefits, as everything we sell is strained - not filtered and never processed. The Color of Honey varies widely with the floral source. The spectrum ranges between white from such sources as Orange Blossom Honey to dark amber from our Wildflower Honey. The color is also affected by the time of year it is produced, with the lighter honey coming earlier in the season, followed by darker honey as the season progresses. In general, dark colored honeys are richer in mineral content and are more likely to have a stronger - distinct - flavor than light colored honeys. Liquid honey is the most common honey seen. Our liquid honey is extracted (Spun) from the beeswax comb (honey comb) to extract the honey, the beeswax cappings are removed from the comb and placed into a centrifugal spinner, which removes the honey or sometimes the comb is taken out and squeezed. The liquid honey is set aside to settling. After a few hours, the pure honey is drained from the bottom of the tank, the most bits of wax are strained out, and the honey is put into containers.

Contact Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Richard Waite
  • Department : Owner/Entrepreneur
  • Telephone : 1-603-392-0008
  • Fax Number : 1-603-392-0008
  • Address : 62 Parker Street, Winchester, NH, USA
  • Fax : 1-603-392-0008
  • Zip/Post Code : 03470
  • Website : Visit website

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