"Toward healthiness with the power of sweet potatoes"Located in Ibaraki Prefecture, largest producing prefecture potatoes, our company has focused on potatoes since forming 1975.Our factory is near production area, which allows us to conduct storage treatment at warehouse ...

    Telephone:81-29-8971815Address:240-18, Oodaira, Aza, Ogami


    We are introducing widely quality and high-value-added Japanese vegetables marine products to the world as service of an overseas . In world, at same time food is making big trend, hot look sent also food. I developed mechanism in which crops fresh by end shortest that day could be cooperation with ...

    Telephone:81-3-52567202Address:3-8-6 Uchikanda

  • Tuxltas Organic Exporters

    Our company is formed by farmers working their own land. for years has been sold to middlemen who pay very low prices. We need export at just prices. But for buyers would be a low price because it can negotiate directly with producers

    Telephone:52-5538234640Address:Hidalgo 21, Pajapan, Veracuz, Mexico

  • Hull Corporation

    The newest and the best selling products showing to you into world market. Our good services on quotation, order confirmation shipping merchandises. Please try contact us check our service. We like continue a strict honest business. policy is make customers more prosperous happier. ...

    Telephone:81-47-3702317Address:5-18-9 Minami Yawata


    Our company was born 1885.so very old japanese company.Our buy fresh japanses vegetable and fruit.I will judge the fruit with a good Japanese ingredient deliver it. We have lot of business networks in Japan . negizn has license sommelier Japan. own field green onion highest class. It is trading ...

    Telephone: 81-3-38722990Address:3-6-10 Senzoku

  • faithhope international company limited

    Establichment 1-8-1996into exporting and importing manifactural representative, custom clearing and forwarding e. t. c

    Telephone: 81-3-58751193Address:shibaura 4-9-18, 8foor# 10

  • M.V.M. SHOJI CO., LTD.

    MVM is constantly pursuing the basic principle of food such as safety, security, and high quality. MVM, established in 1975, a trading company specializing fruit vegetables. Bearing mind that "We are dedicated to satisfying our customers," aim further strengthen quality ...

    Telephone: 81-78-3035518


    Japan is a technology-oriented nation. We have developed our economy and established the current international position by exporting top products based on leading technology. However, recently global competitiveness has become lower due to various causes difficulty maintain in ...

    Telephone: 81-537-287721Address:2721-1 Chokaiji


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