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  • Ukrainian Fresh&Frozen Product

    Ukrainian Fresh & Frozen Products is a fast-growing, global trading company supplying the best fresh and frozen products from Ukraine. We provide our clients with berries, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, poultry, and other high quality products.

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 6910936Address:9 Sim'i Sosninykh Kyiv, Kyiv

  • Frau Marta

    Frau Marta" PJSC was created in 2003 Cherkassy (Ukraine) with attraction of foreign investments. Today, we are the leader among Ukrainian enterprises dealing production and export frozen vegetables. The company uses modern European equipment for freezing vegetables, whole facilities ...

    Telephone:38047 - 26345 - 53Address:169. Smelyanskaya Str. Cherkassy, Ukraine

  • Prilogi

    We are Ukrainian trading company. The name is Prilogis. looking for buyers of the folowing goods:1. Wheat flour2. Cat cranes (jib)3. Equipment new way biological sewage treatment. It's three-stage SBR (sequence batch reactor) with multi-circuit recirculation active sludge. ...

    Telephone:380 - 97 - 56*****Address:5 Vladimirskaya str. Mariupol, Donetsk

  • Continental Supplie

    We are a company with our own farms,cultivating products for international exports.We export fresh like tomatoes,onion,garlic etc to all parts of the world.We have been operation many years and deliveries always done on time.We satisfy clients we make sure their demands being made. ...

    Telephone:380 - 9336 - 28730Address:Rileeva 4 simferopol, crimea

  • Matrapac

    Our company is looking for distributors all over the world.We produce white spirit and petroleum solvents.Due to our modern equipment, we can meet technical requirements of potential clients, such as starting finishing point boiling, aromatics level so on.All need your (your ...

    Telephone:380 - 63 - 6476540Address:Peremogy ave, 20 Kyiv, Ukraine

  • UVEDI Ukrainian Vegetables Export and Distributio

    «UVEDI» offers long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign importers. We strive for reliable transparent partnership based on mutual understanding decency every single client. For us it is the foundation to build a successful business.Why working «UVEDI»?There are ...

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 4472499Address:Ivana Kudri st. 22-30 Kiev, KV

  • Lub Farm

    We offer better discounts for large quantity orders. discreetly packaged in vacuum sealed drum, silver or aluminum plastic bag handles, and we will remain a long time is safe use. All purchases are completely confidential, delivery be unprotected packet of diplomatic stickers on it by pass all ...

    Telephone:380 - 636 - 6164321Address:Dzerzhinskogo street,12, Kherson Dzerzhinskogo,12, Kherso

  • LLS Demansia

    Full range of services for customs clearance /Export, import, transit horticultural products group.The whole package documents. Quickly, efficiently and reliably.We are interested in long-term cooperation product supply c Ukrainy.My looking enterprising reliable partners with ...

    Telephone:380 - 63105 - 8511*****Address:Neftyannikov 15, of 414 Kherson, Kherson regio

  • Foods Ukraine Company

    Our company offer agriculture products as fresh potatoes. The potatoes we now is the new potato of this year at reasonable price. are different specifications, packaging and prices. We can according to customer's requirements size or packaging. If you interested in our products, please ...

    Telephone:380 - 918083 - 3300Address:9 Gnata Yury Street Kyiv, Kyiv

  • Agro Natasha Company

    We produce the chili with the high quality and reasonable price.We have the plants which produce the raw materials.The dehydrated pepper is used as food ingredients.And it maintains original color and has the pungent smell.

    Telephone:380 - 918083 - 3300Address:3 Sotsialistychna Street Kyiv, Kyiv

  • Partner Agro Company

    Good carrot with very high qualitycompany Export & Agriculture ProductionCarrot OfferDear Sir,We are Partner Company, One of the Leading Ukrainian Companies in field production and Exporting, we supply all kinds fruits vegetables. ...

    Telephone:380 - 918083 - 3300Address:5 Sevastopolska Street Kyiv, Kyiv

  • Agro-Vector LTD

    The Company "Agro-Vector LTD" provides a wide range of vegetables and fruits from domestic manufacture. In addition, we are pleased to introduce our warehouse long-term storage fruits. All year round you can buy potatoes, cabbage, carrots, beets, onions apples in bulk. ...

    Telephone:380 - 67 - 5106080Address:tr.Kirovogradska,2 Mykolayiv, Mykolayivska

  • Export Strawberry

    We are committed to offering the finest quality of strawberry while maintaining most competitive prices. fully guaranteeStrawberry Albion , 5-6 cm best size and delicious taste 5 tons per day highly demanding by North-Western EuropeRegularly we can supply Strawberry from our own crops in Kiev ...

    Telephone:380 - 918083 - 3300Address:10 Academica Bogomoltsa Street Kyiv, Kyiv

  • Upper Farms Traders Ltd

    We offer better discounts for large quantity orders. discreetly packaged in vacuum sealed drum, silver or aluminum plastic bag handles, and we will remain a long time is safe use. All purchases are completely confidential, delivery be unprotected packet of diplomatic stickers on it by pass all ...

    Telephone:380 - 934 - 412037Address:Str Rustavely 17/19  Kiev, Kiev

  • Sveta Ltd

    Sveta Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in agricultural & fruit field and integrates fresh collecting, processing trading. Our company located Petrenko City,Kherson Province. plants have long history. Based on this reason, we can provide products with much more competitive price higher ...

    Telephone:380 - 6653 - 3056Address:Kherson,Petrenko Street  Kherson, kherso

  • Sun Croft LLP

    Our company Sun Croft LLP,working in Ukraine for 6 year we are an exporter company of seeds,grains,spices and some bean from Ukraine

    Telephone:380 - 67 - 6141212Address:Klikovoe Pole No;1 Odessa,

  • Fitosyrovyna

    Our herbs are gathered with their own hands and prepared technology, we guarantee the authenticity quality of all included herbs. Strictly observed deadlines, conditions storage transportation drugs as a medicinal vegetative raw material use dried leaves, herbs, flowers, fruits, seeds, ...

    Telephone:380 - 63 - 53*****Address:Yakira 3 Zhytomyr, Zhytomyr

  • Afalina Grou

    ?AFALINA GROUP? Ltd offers cooperation in the sphere of seafood wholesale, i.e. conch meat (boiled and frozen)and tentacles heads salted jelly-fish (Jellyfish Kornerot (Rhizostoma pulmo Black Sea Aurelia (Aurelia aurita), minimal order is 100 tons. The size range (SSS, SS, S, M, L, LL) packed ...

    Telephone:380 - 48 - 7775636Address:Ukraine, Odessa, Shevchenko av. 4B, app.4 Odessa, Ukraine

  • Pisces Seafoods Corporatio

    Pisces Seafoods Corporation is fortunate to have the rich waters of North Pacific literally at our doorstep, and we are committed maintaining a steady supply delicious, healthy seafood products from sustainable fisheries that made off Alaska envy world. Likewise, work with hundreds equally ...

    Telephone:380 - 764 - 5182Address:Bakulina 12 Odessa, Odessa

  • Chev.Ltd.Co.Ua

    We are manufacturers,suppliers,distributors and exporters of corn flakes and other dried food and other products in and out of Ukraine.You contact us for more details.

    Telephone:380 - 6346 - 47303Address:kievskaya street 84 Kiev, Ukraine

  • Food Corporatio


    Telephone:380 - 636 - 164322Address:Dzerzhinskogo street, 12 Kherson, Kherson, Ukraine

  • ATROPOL Invest Limited Liability Company Poland

    ATROPOL Invest Limited Liability Company (Poland) carries out business activities under EU standards and is an official representative of the Ukrainian plant for production natural high-quality environmentally sound dairy products, which have won recognition customers in most territory ...

    Telephone:380 - 532 - 638254Address:66, Bandurskogo St., room 4 31-515 Krakow  Krakow, Poland

  • Aquafrost

    As Ukrainian surimi producer we would like to offer you mutual profitable cooperation.We are ready supply such a range of products: crab sticks, herring, pasta capelin’s caviar, sprats in oil, squid, fish snacks and other seafood.Full information can learn http://www.vodnyj-mir.ua/The ...

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 3364876Address:Terehkovoi 15 Odessa, Odessa

  • Europostachgrou

    EPG is a worldwide exporter of high quality Ukrainian agricultural produce at competitive prices. Our product range include vegetables, nuts, dried fruits, herbs, mushrooms, and dry milk powder among others. All products are grown using enviromentally friendly methods on the ecologically ...

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 64*****Address:September 17 Street, 67/2 Village Mayaki, Volyn Regio

  • Tamako-invest

    Our company was founded in 1995 it has been known under the name of "ARIS" to 2005. Since 2005 called "Tamaki-Invest" and now more than 15 years, we specialize procurement, processing supply river sea fish passage.Having our own production cold storage facilities, organized system harvesting ...

    Telephone:380 - 96 - 9407979Address:vozduhoflotsky 66 kiev, kiev

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