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  • Biopeat Ltd.

    Our company sells peat briquettes and peat substrates from high-quality peat.Our main customers are agricultural and energy companies.Looking forward for your requests.

    Telephone:380 - 44 - 2851432Address:Bazarskaya 14/18 Lugini, Zhitomir regio

  • Ur

    Selling high quality Urea from Ucraine. Conditions and terms are discussed individually with any our clients.

    Telephone:+380 - 97484 - 5622Address:Kreschatik 12 Kiev, Kiev

  • Terma Group Ltd

    TERMA GROUP LTD is a specialized production company, which have arranged production of peat briquettes and agriculture peat in short terms. Production of peat substrate for general and specialized using is also our direction.

    Telephone:48 - 792 - 733093Address:Vadyma Hetmana st. #1 Kiev, Kiev

  • Veles Ltd

    A general trader, with an accent in agriculture. The activities may be divided into foll.lines:a)animal feed; b)industrial minerals (e.g. kaolin, bentonites, perlite/zeolite); c)peat/potting soils.

    Telephone:380 - 482 - 346646Address:app.5, 18, Troitskaya str. Odessa,

  • Ukrainian Exports Solutio

    Ukrainian Exports Solutions is an exporting company based in Ukraine.Our main products are:Peat mossConstruction bricksCrushed stonePlease feel free to contact us on any inquiries and questions!

    Telephone:380 - 91 - 3043181Address:15/44 Chernishevsky str. Chernihiv,

  • Ukrexim Grou

    As one of the largest and most experience brokers firm we������占� sure that Ukraine is a highly developed industrial country, able making competitive products. Ukrexim Group offers comprehensive range different commodities in world trade. Our trading activities are ...

    Telephone:380 - 44 - 38333625Address:valutina av 1b Donetsk, Donetsk

  • Agroprodukt

    Hello ,My name is Julia Shypytkova, I am a director of Foreign Affairs Department the Association Cities and Communities Ukraine. also work with one ukrainian agricultural company from Kiev they at moment are looking for reliable partners in your country. They sell abroad such products as : ...

    Telephone:38 - 096 - 9277174Address:Pozarskogo 1 Kiev,

  • Ral.Int.Ltd

    Our company deals with the supply of livestock and frozen chicken reachable with best prices to our clients out there. visit us asap for your inquiries.

    Telephone:380 - 9336 - 99739Address:odessa odessa, odessa

  • Yazvon Company Limited

    We have a wide variety of fertile hatching eggs. chicken eggs, bantam Ostrich duck turkey eggsFertile Hatching EggsWe guinea quail pheasant and chukar partridge eggs.We focus on:Best QualityAffordable PriceDeliver on timeHealthy & Hygienic eggsOur farm fresh eggs customer service won us ...

    Telephone:380 - 9722 - 64139Address:25 Chapaevskoy Divizyy Odessa, Odessa

  • Global Farm It

    Our company can supply a series of fake rabbit fur with different style and colors. The faux is widely used for garment, home textile, footwear, toy, baby auto upholstery, collar, cushion etc. weight, composition, size, package, color all be done according to customer's requirement. ...

    Telephone:380 - 679 - 231789Address:ordzhonikidze 10 Dnepropetrovsk, Dnepropetrovsk

  • Astorg

    Holding «TH Astorg»  is an agrarian enterprise, which dealswith implementation and processing of agricultural products Professional activities our holding include the followingdirections:Grain tradeOilseed tradeMeal oil tradeExport goodsMeat processingWholesale meat Our ...

    Telephone:380 - 050 - 6449291Address:Kutuzov st., 13 Kiev, Kiev

  • Peralcon Trading International, LLC

    We know all you need. Propose meat/products/offalsChiken, paws/feet, wing, fillet, quarters etcBeef meat, carcasses, sides, tripe, shink/shank etcPork meat, carcasses, sides, feet, stomach etcAlways ready to cooperation. Feel free to contactWelcome

    Telephone:380 - 67 - 3702015Address:Voli Lutsk, Volyg

  • Megga Trade Distributor

    We are suppliers of all Frozen Chicken Products (HALAL).1.Frozen Whole chicken2.Frozen chicken Feet3.Frozen Paws4.Frozen Wings5.Frozen Legs4.Frozen Wings and other parts.Find below specification for our product feet.No bruisesNo black pads or ammonia burnsNo bad smellsNo excessive ...

    Telephone:380 - 90889 - 98009Address:65 Ivana Lepse Boulevard Kiev 3126 Ukraine Kiev,  Kiev

  • Nashmill Animals Farmer

    We are the largest beef livestock exporter and wholesaler company in Latin America, Africa some parts in Europe.

    Telephone:380 - 6707 - 0709787Address:Vladimirskaya St., 82A, Kiev 01033 Vladimirskaya, Vladimirskaya

  • Inversion Haiti LLC

    Our company based in Ukraine supplies a huge volume of frozen chicken products like chicken feet, gizzard, wings, etc. We also supply hardwood charcoal from oak trees.

    Telephone:380 - 73 - 4202500Address:St. Goloseevski 13 Kiev, Kiev

  • Naas Farm Ltd

    Naas Farm is a fourth generation dairy sheep farm, originating over centuries ago in the country of Greece.we carried industry strongly and far from his great-great ancestry, now continuing passion farming Ukraine.we followed footsteps father, grandfather, uncles learning small boy job ...

    Telephone:380 - 524 - 770514Address:15 Sadovaya street Odessa, Odessa

  • Global Farming

    Welcome to Global Farming.we are have high capacity in supplying any type of farming product both finished and unfinished our costumer all over the world. We doing shipping many parts world insured 100% save delivery costumers.Our priority is satisfy buyers creat a long lasting business ...

    Telephone:380 - 129 - 2556889Address:94 st nikolaas kharkiv, uma

  • Bimex Len Ltd

    We can offer any kind of grain with the best quality from Ukraine.Such us:millet (red and yellow),flax-fibre,Oil flax,mustard (white,yellow),sunflower,vetch,coriander,buckwheat,pumpkin seeds,pease (green,yellow),rape seeds,oats,wheat,barley,maize (yellow corn),rye other ...

    Telephone:380 - 462 - 940436Address:Lizoguba St,13 Chernigiv,

  • Ukrselko LLC

    "Ukrselko", being one of the largest agricultural trading companies, offers a full range services related to procurement, storage, processing and products sale on both domestic overseas markets.The company creates added value through their own extensive logistical infrastructure, high ...

    Telephone:38 - 050 - 4415026Address:B.Khmelnitskogo Kiev, Ukraine

  • FreshSourceltd

    We are number 1 supplier of poultry products. we are sellers of certified halal frozen chicken feet, lag etc..

    Telephone:380 - 97 - 2208Address:Kyevo-Svyatoshinsky rayon, Kyivska oblast 08131 Sofiivska Borshahivka, Sofiivska Borshahivka

  • Katiefeet

    Fully processed Frozen Chicken PawsSpecification: Frozen-Thoroughly washed and clean-No bruising- no broken bones- no ammonia burns-No bad smell-Yellow skin off-No feather-Hard nails off-Lenth:10-12cm-No extravagated Blood,Production: Year 2011

    Telephone:380 - 7511 - 4521423Address:???. ???????, 19 ????, ????? ????

  • AP Complex LLC

    Our company exports frozen chicken meat on foreign markets. And we are leading in Ukraine. AP COMPLEX has an experience international markets which proves it as a reliable partner. We pay attention to the quality and safety of our product. Exported product meets requirements food products such ...

    Telephone:380 - 44 - 5852798Address:Poltavska srt. 10 Kiev, Kiev

  • AHAR Ltd

    We are the Agro-producers Association of Kharkov region, which includes more than 20 medium and large-scale agricultural producers, invites to partner collaboration Processers commodities.Every year 70,000 ha soils cultivated by Members Association, from harvests reaped:Winter wheat ...

    Telephone:380 - 57 - 7300009Address:Lenina Ave ,40, 420/6room Kharkov, Ukraine

  • Ular

    Farm "Ular" is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers poultry meat in Ukraine. The main type activity poultry  farming , which includes two areas : chicken-broilers growing production.  All farms have  well-known modern automated ...

    Telephone:+38 - 097 - 4742794Address:SHEVCHENKA 498A LVIV, lVIV REGION

  • LLC Skando

    Type: Wheat Style: Fresh Texture: Soft Cultivation Common Certification: available Place of Origin: Ukraine Brand Name: SOFT WHEAT Model Number: 01 Packaging & Delivery Detail: 25 or 50 kg bag. In bulk 10 days Specifications Gluten 18 min Moisture 14% max Protein 11% Foreign matter 2% grain 8% ...

    Telephone:380 - 63 - 4712936Address:Geroev Sevastopolya, 36/1, ap.5 Kiev, Kiev

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