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  • M&M Oda

    The Company offert Andean and Amazonian Products: Quinua (Chenopodium quinoa), Kiwicha(Amaranthus caudatus Linneo), Camu camu (Myrciatia dubia), Sacha inchi (Plukenetia vol?ilis L.)The Product Aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa) offer it in oils dried fruits. ...

    Telephone:51 - 01 - 3478529Address:Calle Puerto ilave174 San Luis, Lima

  • JCB Export

    We are traders on legumes, beans, achiote and other dried food. Our HACCP process makes possible a competitive beans and grains supply in the best conditions to reach foreign markets.

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 4650491Address:Jiron Tarata 789 Callao, Callao

  • Tuchpa Amazoica SAC

    Tuchpa Amazoica SAC - Peru es una empresa exportadora dedicada baicamente a la exportacion de productos alimenticios delicados aromas, texturas y sabores con finalidad unica satisfacer el paladar del mas exigente comensal global.En esta oportunidad se complace en presentarles desde los ...

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 992124581Address:Av. El Polo 495  Santiago de Surco, Lima

  • R.Muelle S.A.

    Our company is dedicated to the agricultural sector. We export maca powder, quinoa, Achote seeds, Canary beans, oregano, black eyes beans,curcuma and paprika.

    Telephone:511 - 429 - 6060Address:Jr. Miller 450 Of. 603 Callao 1 Perú Callao, Callao

  • KUNTUR Trading

    KUNTUR TRADING S.A.C. is a Peruvian based trading company representing international clients dedicated to the commercialization of minerals and grains. Our goal develop long term relationship as intermediates concerned for mutual benefit both, buyers sellers, by assuring high quality ...

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 943936969Address:Jr. Chamberi #160 Lima, Lima

  • Grupo Vision Vasant Pacifico

    we are exporters of quinoa from peru , we have 35 years of experience in exports.we welcome inquiries for all over the world.we are professionals and can supply in any quantity and any packing size

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 991127347Address:grimaldo del solar 216 miraflores lima, lima

  • GPM Central De Compras Y Servicios S.A.

    GPM Global Purchasing Management is a professional services firm in consulting and implementation issues of supply. assists companies to modify, from sourcing, their cultures, processes, systems equipment consistent durable. helps create value positive change supply chains. ...

    Telephone:51 - 01 - 65*****Address:Av. Morro Solar 380, Urb. Valle Hermoso, Chacarilla, Lima 33, Lima, Per� Lima, Lima

  • INKA Natural & Organic Food

    We are a global export company that commercializes and distributes healthy, natural and organic food from Peru.Organic Quinoa supplier from PERUQuinoa supplier from PERUOrganic Certified by CERES GmbH

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 958838864Address:Av. Republica de Portugal 350, Brena Lima, Lima

  • Detony

    Detony is a peruvian company focused in trading of bulk and processed items from many areas Peru, both mountains, as coast forest.Our characterized by obtaining maintaining excellent relationships with independent farmers rural communities, organized associations companies which we have ...

    Telephone:51 - 961 - 818391Address:Islas Aleutianas 302 Lima, Lima

  • Ecograinst

    Ecograinst is a marketer of Andean grains (quinoa, amaranth, purple corn, and other organic products) working with associations small producers in the regions Arequipa Puno Peru. belongs to Consultant Agricultural Development & Business Irpaña, has experience exporting products from ...

    Telephone:51 - 054 - 232795Address:Calle Universidad 215 Arequipa, Arequipa

  • 3rm Cor

    Telephone:51 - 988 - 104774Address:Jr. Yapura 388 - 202, Brena LIMA , LIMA

  • Ecoinca SAC

    Ecoinca Organic Superfoods is a company which works directly with the farmers under the organic and fair trade regulations. We export all over the world the best products the Andes and the jungle can offer.

    Telephone:51 - 144 - 66637Address:Bajada Balta 181 off. 1701 Miraflores, Miraflore

  • Sil Peru SAC

    Our Brand Foods Paititi is the implementation of a significant undertaking for our company SILPERU SAC.Our investment and development projects are committed to production flagship cereal, organic quinoa, meet national international market, latter being priority.We have exceeded 500 ...

    Telephone:511 - 310 - 8212Address:AV. ALAMEDA SUR 1119 DPTO D 101 Los Cedros de Villa - Chorrillos, LIMA

  • Peru Healthy Food

    Exportaciones e Importaciones Saludables S.A.C., is a Peruvian Company producing and exporting organic conventional products like Quinoa, Chia, Amaranth Canihua. All of our are the highest quality internationally certified. Our fields, located in towns Ayacucho Puno, cultivated ...

    Telephone:51 - 951 - 201874Address:2020 Miguel Grau Avenue Lima, Lima

  • T&G Peruanos EIRL

    We are a company high land from Perú, we produce coffee, cocoa and trade B2B level. Principally interesting in business with clients can offer sustainablility and perhaps accord paid only by L/C, price EXW, and good relations across time

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 993952228Address:Calle Descartes Mz. G Lt. 3 Lima -33 Lima, Lima

  • GarayCompany

    Garay Company connects exporters and importers worldwide. We help to companies to find buyers and suppliers of almost all products around the world.

    Telephone:001 - 917 - 51*****Address:New York New York,

  • Foods Peru Andinos SRL

    Somos una empresa procesadora de quinua, maca gelatinizada e instantanea y hojuelas quinua. Nuestros productos son propios la regin central del Per (Junin, Huancayo, Viques). Los insumos seleccionados naturales garantizando calidad salubridad ellos. ...

    Telephone:51 - 964 - 478687Address:Jr Manco Capac N° 570 Chilca Huancayo, Juni

  • Inversiones Agricolas Jireh

    we can offer:Yellow soybeans grade #1 and #2Yellow cornsugar icumsa 45sunflower oil, soybean oil, jatropa oil, canola oil, corn oil, and more.

    Telephone:51 - 51 - 352369Address:Pasaje Malica 165 Puno, Puno

  • Punta Cana Asesores & Consultore

    Our company is dedicated to providing quality service, our goal is to posecionar in the international market with products, agricultural, grains, fruits, harvested in Peru.

    Telephone:51 - 996 - 979117Address:Av. Petit Thouars 3925, Dpto. 203, San Isidro Lima, Lima

  • Strategya B2B

    We are a peruvian company doing export an import activities. We mainly export peruvian products in basis to agreement with main peruvian manufacturers. The sectors we apply are: mining & energy, foods, agriculture, between others.

    Telephone:51 - 9 - 96174162Address:Off. 502, 110 Alcanfores St., Miraflores, Lima

  • Ucayali River Caco

    Ucayali River Cacao is a producer of fine flavor cacao from the Amazon. We only use varieties to insure an excellent and aroma. Our quality control standards allow us produce one most consistent products in market today. grade very strictly order keep our reject beans below 1%. Due its low ...

    Telephone:51 - 940 - 473704Address:Av General Garzon 862 Lima, Peru

  • Tierra Organica

    We are an exporting company of agro industrial products. seek to offer the world highest quality Peruvian products.Our proposal includes a work in conjunction with farming communities who dedicated grow local products each region; our commitment is generate sustained development community ...

    Telephone:51 - 1 - 4692658Address:Calle El Alamo 289 Of. 415. Santiago de Surco Lima, Lima

  • Jesus De Nazaret Peruvian

    we are an company exporters seaweed Dried different varietes. species: moss perlescent. chicoria de mar. irleand. chondrus crispus. sea lettuce. ulva lactuca. moss. gracilaria. musgo macrocystis integrifolia. lessonia nigrenscens. chicorea yuyo. mococho. chondracanthus tenellus. ...

    Telephone:968610577 - 9686 - 10577Address:calle 28 de julio419 ica  peru, peru


    Our company ,\\\"Agrocosta\\\" is one of the main exporters fresh fruit and vegetables from Perú. We have conventional organic avocados, mangoes, ginger, tangerines pomegranates among others. offer these other products Andean highlands. can get in contact with you order to become a ...


  • peru tous

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