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  • Italyinfood

    Italyinfood comes from our passion for the good Italian food.We would like to make known even more in world all those products of excellence food with a focus on tradition territory and production region where we live, Marche. A rich flavors, based wine culture made simple ingredients.The export ...

    Telephone:39 - 0733 - 777634Address:Via Civitanova 53 Civitanova Marche, Italy/Macerata

  • Bioverde

    Our Company, is located in the South of Italy, not far from Naples port, dealing with production and trading foodstuff products cans. In order to achieve objective being one leader Italian food sales distribution also abroad, Bio-Verde has adopted a policy focused above all on organoleptic ...

    Telephone:39 - 081 - 949243Address:via papa giovanni, 12 Angri, italy/salerno

  • Cascina San Cassiano

    Our company produces more than 360 Gourmet high quality products, among which pasta, sauces, jams, marmelades, olive oïl, vinegars, just for making few examples, we are based in Alba , Italy., city of truffle and Barolo.

    Telephone:39 - 0173 - 287361Address:C.so Piave 185 Alba, Italy

  • Expgh

    tomato products, tomato paste, sauce, chopped, peeled, beans, peas, canned, raw material also in drums

    Telephone:39 - 00233 - 2443*****Address:ind area tema,

  • Azienda Ponzio

    Nichelino (TO), 24 marzo 2010 Kind attn Supplies office Dear SirThis is Azienda Agricola Ponzio from Turin Italy; we are specialized in herbs production and trading. The final output frozen (-20 °C cartons of 18-20 kg) or oil (plastic trunk 200 kg, 1000 kg stainless steel box 25 bucket). Our ...

    Telephone:39 - 11 - 624684Address:via vernea 49/3 nichelino - turin, turi

  • MJM Grou

    We can supply any Food Item produced in Italy even Private Label. We are major suppliers of Pasta, Extra virgin olive oil, canned Tuna, Balsamic Vinegar, etc. etc,.. You ask and we'll quote.

    Telephone:39 - 33411 - 74813Address:Via Menotti Milano, MI

  • Sanpaolina

    Our product range is very wide and includes: peeled-chopped-cherry tomatoes (various size),tomato paste passata in bottle/bricks, various pulses tins, canned vegetables fruits. We also commercialize pasta, spices, ready rise with spices so on.Our quality regularly certified constantly ...

    Telephone:39 - 0811 - 859939Address:Via Dante Alighieri 149 Scafati, Salerno

  • Vinelli Grou

    The Vinelli Group is a wholesale import export company established in Serbia run by Italians, we trade our Italian and foreign food products beverages. Our goal to deliver the at best price with small profits for long term relationship customers.So what are you waiting?Contact Us! discover many ...

    Telephone:39 - 389 - 0230944Address:Juzni Bulevar  Beograd, Serbia

  • Import Srl

    it is an import Italian company which is specialized in the worldwide sales and marketing of Italian canned tomatoes and boiled vegetables, the typical products of the Southern Italian Tradition.

    Telephone:39 - 081 - 5175917Address:Via Napoli 65 Nocera Inferiore, Salerno

  • Import Export Srl

    it offers a wide range of Italian canned tomatoes and exports its product all over the world under its brand.

    Telephone:39 - 81 - 5175917Address:via Napoli, 65 Nocera Inferiore, Italy

  • Cec Srl

    important italian import export company of Food products. We offer mainly double Tomato paste(26-28)but we sell also other kind of Tomatoes and canned vegetaebles

    Telephone:39 - 081 - 5180111Address:Via nazionale km 41 Nocera Superiore, Salerno (Italy)

  • Steeltrade

    We are an italian trading company of import-export canned foods and tinplate in sheets or coil for can food. Our company was born in 1990 in Italy, and now we export in wolrdwide canned foods and tinplate.

    Telephone:39 - 392 - 45*****Address:Nola - Zona CIS Lotto 4 Nola, Italy

  • MWCapital-holding

    We are a company of Import & Export constituted by the will and in partnership International founding members .We specilized hight quality Italian Food - Beverage specilties indigenuos Wine an international copacking about new line healty Juices drinks.We your one source solution best ...

    Telephone:39 - 380 - 78*****Address:via dante, 54  Seriate,

  • Aliponiente Cfh Servicios Y Comerciales, Sociedad Limitada

    Aliponiente is an international company involved in meat and food beginning from the end of second World War.We have a Italy (Co.Be.Ca srl) one Spain (Aliponiente CFH Servicios Comerciales sl). In our website, you will be able to find more info about us.www.aliponiente.com ...

    Telephone:39 - 339 - 606638Address:Calle Archiduque Carlos 125 Valencia-Spain, Valencia

  • Tavernettaitaliana Food Trading Service

    Tavernetta Italiana is linked to a website through E-commerce with the commitment of promotion, development and marketing local products from agricultural companies.Holding Service operates in development, commercialization, protection enhancement production small medium-sized ...

    Telephone:39 - 0984 - 473456Address:via senatore Nicola vaccaro -- calabria --, cosenza

  • Agridea

    We are a agriculture association of hazelnuts farmers. We are located in sud-italy. We will find new path to sell us products.

    Telephone:39 - 328 - 9710181Address:via alfonso rubilli Pietrastornina, Italy

  • Mar Grou

    our group Italian Based, we provide all kind of food stuff, Ceramic tiles, Portland Cement,Rice, Epoxy paint

    Telephone:39 - 32 - 729*****Address:Via Del Passatore n. 91  Campogalliano, Modena

  • P.D.T.srl

    our company are specialized to supply from South America the following products: barley,wheat,sugar,yellow corn,soya bean,coffee and rice.

    Telephone:+39 - 011 - 60*****Address:via Rismondo 135 Turin,

  • Marco F. International Broker

    I am representing some very serious suppliers :wheat flour contact me for product specifications and quotatio

    Telephone:39 - 388 - 4750669Address:via tito speri 16 reggio emilia, re

  • Arshad&Co

    Wholesale rice from pakistan to world wide also dealing in footwear made in Italy and apparel and clothing

    Telephone:39 - 351 - 0047003Address:Via carria no 42 prato itsly Prato, Prato

  • Zanotti

    we sell:- white rice- red rice- black ricewe are a group of farmers that produce and mill our rice in Italy.

    Telephone:39 - 340 - 0864310Address:via roma 82 casalvolone, NOVARA

  • Cesco Caffe

    La storia Cesco Caff��un?azienda creata da esperti di questa straordinaria bevanda, ma �soprattutto un team professionisti che vuole rinnovare il mercato con idee vincenti e strategie efficaci. Da oltre 26 anni Sig. Carmine opera nel settore, dove si �specializzato,nel 2013 avvia ...

    Telephone:39 - 02 - 80887035Address:VIA DELL' ARTIGIANATO 1/5 lodi, italia

  • Sana Giti Ltd.

    We are a trading company based in Iran. We are selling Saffron, Pistachio, Dates, Bitumen, LNG, Crude Oil, Iron Ore, Copper Ore and etc.

    Telephone:39 - 327 - 86*****Address:via rombon 33 Milan, Lombardi

  • Sourcingitaly

    Buying agents ror individuals and businesses looking to buy Italian products or do business in Italy.


  • Piccola Nautica

    Piccola Nautica organizza escursioni in barca alle grotte di Santa Maria di Leuca per vivere un\\\'esperienza unica e indimenticabile. Scopri le bellezze del mare


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