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  • Saporini

    Saporini design and manufacture beautifully crafted Italian sofas.Where others simply follow trends we inspire with spectacular finishes, innovative design and unparalleled attention to quality standards.

    Telephone:39 - 05747 - 91466Address:Firenze Firenze, Firenze

  • Sibelmax

    we sell gold and coltan from Gabon, and we sell used cloth in Africa.we have a large property in Gabon were we extract gold metal

    Telephone:39 - 339 - 21*****Address:via ungheria 86 noventa vicentina, vicenza

  • SILSAB Sarl - Tunisia

    The SIT produces and sells silica sand, magnetite, kaolin -as agents we have iron ore, copper ore, copper cathodes, copper scrap, manganese, petroleum products, used rails.

    Telephone:+39 - 370 - 70*****Address:Via Sauro, 7 Iglesias, Italy


    we are buyer for pesticides and fertilizers, please send your best prices.

    Telephone:39 - 832 - 7*****Address:VIA CAVOUR, 52 SQUINZANO, LECCE

  • Trading Chemical Product

    working all over the world legally based in Italy , with operating jurisdiction Southern Europe Africa and Asia U.K. France Countries, Northern . Our Company is involved what raw materials different departments from oil to chemicals ( pvc solvents alcoli ) caustic soda potassa chemical We sell ...

    Telephone:39 - 333 - 85*****Address:via papa giovanni  Verona , Sanremo, Verona

  • SAI RAM Agency

    SAI RAM AGENCY ITALY ROME is an International Brokerage Agency, specialized on all internationalmarkets.Sai Ram’s activities are divided into two groupsFINANCIALBG, SBCL,MTN,CD & CurrencyCOMMODITIESAgricultural (Food and Fiber) Such as: Sugar, Milk PowderEnergy such D2/Mazute, ...

    Telephone:39 - 06 - 943*****Address:Via della Pineta Rocca Priora, Rome

  • Microspore S.P.A.

    Microspore was founded in 2014 by Sacom S.p.A., a company that 1981 Enrico Torzi with the aim of distributing agricultural products and that, since 1992, started its own production fertilizers.With acquisition subsidiary ELEP S.p.A. (later named Lab), concentrated all on green ...

    Telephone:39 - 0874 - 824085Address:SS87 km 204 Larino, Italy

  • Aliinvestment

    The Principal activities of the company were exporting traditional and non goods such as Copra, DESICCATED Coconut, other coconut kernel products, Spices, Sea foods, Seeds & Nuts Mica (mineral scraps) etc importers, whole sellers Millet (bird seeds), black gram dates ...

    Telephone:39 - 23 - 23391Address:Lungo Lario Trieste Como, Como

  • Servactivgrou

    Telephone:39 - 328 - 5674570Address:via campagnol no 122B rome, RM

  • Euromec Srl

    Euromec Srl serves several thousand customers, from small, proprietary firms to international food production giants. As the only company in Italy distribute dairy products, animal feeds on such a broad scale, firm provides customers with expertise they require, no matter what size, best ...

    Telephone:39 - 35 - 12326732Address:Levrange 25078 Pertica Bassa (Bs Brescia, Brescia

  • Ambio

    AmBio, venture company foundation based on marine biotech, has its main business in Probiotics and Micro-algae. AmBio has their factory and R&D center in Jinju, and has their sales department is Seoul.

    Telephone:39 - 0575 - 1886615Address:Via Albert Einstein Arezzo, Tuscany

  • Kovac Oil Mill

    KOVAC OIL MILLS SDN BHD.Private limited company, incorporated in Malaysia under the Companies Act 1999 and also operates as holding company for family占쏙옙 subsidiary companies.The company占쏙옙 main offices manufacturing facility are located 2, Jalan Perdagangan 54, Taman ...

    Telephone:60 - 166 - 926135Address:2, Jalan Perdagangan 54, Taman Universiti Industrail Park Skudai, Johor

  • Calabriawine Sa

    calabriawine.com selection of the best wines of Calabria 100% made in Italy, distributor wine red doc igt, white wine, wines orgine protected

    Telephone:39 - 335 - 6260654Address:contrada san fili, 20 melicucco, Italy Reggio Calabria

  • DEGRAL, Srl

    We feel pride introducing ourselves as one of the Industrial and Cooking Oil(Refined Crude) Manufacturers, Suppliers Exporters based in Italy. Our Oils are known for their good quality widely used all over world varied applications. offer a variety Oil which is inclusive Base Oil, Refined ...

    Telephone:39 - 0373 - 24490Address:Via Circonvallazione 67, I OFFANENGO, OFFANENGO

  • Rb Import Export

    we sell refined sunflower oil from Russia or Ukraina and olive oil from Spain Andalucia.Feel free to contact us we are happy to can help you!

    Telephone:39 - 348 - 8106012Address:viale papa giovanni bergamo, bergamo

  • Olio Del Feudo S.R.L

    from ITALY;Extra-virgin olive oil comes from the first pressing of the olives, contains no more than 0.2% acidity, and is judged to have a superior taste.Cold Press , produced by the use of physical means and no chemical treatment.

    Telephone:39 - 340 - 7028338Address:via milano 3 catanzaro,

  • Italix S.A.S.

    Web business solutions, web marketing.We developed sites selling books, music, sporting apparels, and much much more, serving millions of clients, mainy from Italy.

    Telephone:39 - 000 - 00*****Address:via Rovigo 27 Padova, PD

  • arley & coffee italy

    we are direct manufacture of roasted coffee grain, instant barley, instant ciok, istant tea, plus complete new organic line.

    Telephone:0039 - 338 - 4208669Address:creazzo arzignano, vicenza

  • M.G.Tartufo

    We are an italian firm that trades in fresh truffles and truffles based products. We already sell both wholesale and retail in 10 countries in the world.

    Telephone:39 - 0872 - 947500Address:via piano d'ischia Gamberale, chieti

  • Unionplus Srl

    We are the main wholeseller of dairy product in ITALY. We sale Full Cream Milk Powder, Skimmed Milk Powder, Veg Fat Milk Powder, Whey Powder and Cheese.

    Telephone:39 - 047 - 1533630Address:Via G.Galilei 10 39100 Bolzano (Alto Adige) Bolzano, Bolzano

  • Notomarina - Avolamarina

    We produce lemon in >Sicily. Hight quality product: femminello siracusano. This is a DOP product with quality mark

    Telephone:39 - 338 - 7138087Address:Via P. Metastasio, 1 Avola, SR

  • Agrifruit

    Dear allAgrifuit Company in Italy seeks to provide customers with high quality Italian fruit and vegetables air transportation long-term contracts through direct communication superior outstanding farms.we are ready services importers buy the best agricultural products from Italy.Send ...

    Telephone:39 - 331 - 3432214Address:Via Paolo Canali, 1 - CAAB  Bologna , bologna

  • Sefitalia

    Our company began in 1850 dealing with the frozen meat business. In 1987, we use new name of Sefitalia. We exports all over world. have many cooperate factories Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Poland... are keeping enlarge our business and looking for clients ...

    Telephone:39 - 02 - 58320139Address:Via quadronno 33-20122 Milano Italy Milano, Milano

  • Pamac

    Pamac was established in 2010 order to produce , promote and sell bakery handmade products. But the actual fact ?Nonno Donato? started this new brand activity Abruzzi region long time ago.In we our as a small more than 100 years ago with intention enhance typical tastes of spread on larger ...

    Telephone:39 - 340 - 39964064Address:Via Aterno 91 S.Giovanni Teatino, Italy

  • Giovannini

    ADAMAS is the exclusive Italian caviar which represents excellence in farming 100% made Italy. a jewel for gourmet, pure and precious as diamond.While intense commercial fishing was heavily reducing sturgeons’ population world, heart of Northern Italy (Pianura Padana) 1988 formed ...

    Telephone:39 - 0373 - 9*****Address:Via Castello 75 Pandino, Cremona

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