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    we are supplier of “Original Saffron of Gha’enat” and nuts ,medicinal herbs, food additives in Iran since 2019.


  • Kalber Dairy Export Department

    KALBER DAIRY J.S. Co. has founded in 1994 named NASR GOSTAR ARAK Inv. The first project for production UF cheese, have started 1997 and finished 2000. Thereafter from 2000 to 2004, the other projects producing various kinds of dairy products like Yoghurt, Doogh pasteurized Milk been completed ...


  • Fara Artan

    As an specialized company in this field, we are able to supply and deliver granule lump sulfur/sulphur from different sources Iran Turkeminstan for our valuable Clients. produce about 5 Million tons 4 million of sulfer/sulphur per year, respectively. These huge amount produced by ...



    First of all, please let us to introduce ourselves as a leading supplier “Original Saffron Gha’enat” Medicinal plants and nuts in Iran since 2019. Our brand name is “ SADRAN our main export market South Korea ! Secondly order establish long term business cooperation with your esteemed ...



    freight forwarding, shipping, container supplement, transportation consultant


  • Fanoos Makran

    Manufacturer,Processor,Exporter of Aquatic Products


  • Iranian Saffron supplier

    Sadran pooya Saffron exporter is a wholesaler premium Iranian spice company from Iran and was founded in 1977 Tehran, nowadays we are one of the biggest origin saffron field int’l business Iran. We contractor supplier do not offer retail sales always competitive quality also price wise. Since ...


  • Grandor Co.

    Grandor Co. is among the companies active in field of exporting different types bulk dried fruits and nuts including pistachios, raisins, saffron, figs, dates, apricots, chickpeas. It was founded 2004 to pursue aim fruit & furthest reaches world. The company has so far succeeded wholesaling ...


  • Behin Petro Fakhr Sanat Co.

    Behin Petro Fakhr Sanat is one of the leading companies producing and supplying different kinds petroleum chemical products in Iran. We can supply following more: Paraffin Wax- Residue Slack RPO (Rubber Process Oil)- Base Oil- Vaseline- Liquid Paraffin- Caustic Soda- Sodium Silicate- Labsa- ...


  • Cullinan Jewelry

    As a committed and professional partner to your business we are ready co-operate at any scale level. have several partners around the country in different fields of jewelry market. our main activities about distributing high quality diamonds, jewelries manufacturing fine jewelries. ...


  • Ario prozheh gostar

    we are a leading exporter of minerals in Iran mines. with the benefit of our mining capabilities and business expertise, we are managed to enter the worldwide market. our main office is located in Semnan, Iran. and we have partners in Oman as well.


  • meymed

    We Sell Medical equipments online in Iran .



    PME Group - one of the best exporters to Asia, Europe and Africa- has access key markets Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Chemicals group promise its customers experience Fair transparent pricing, Excellent standards service Reliable supply. 1- Petroleum product: *Bitumen *RPO *Paraffin Wax ...

    Telephone:+98 21 8841 005

  • Amin Ario Rad Paydar Trading Co.

    Our company is expert in exporting a variety of products both conventional and organic, And we have years experience working with India, Europe, Sri Lanka, Australia. On export, are mainly focused on the below products: - Dried fruits: Raisins, Figs, Dates, Barberries, apple, persimmon, plum, ...


  • Fooladgharb

    Navardkaran Fooladgharb company is an Iranian sandwich panel manufacturer headquartered in Tabriz, Iran. It was founded by Hasanpour and incorporated on November 27,2010. The sells various kinds of panels, corrugated roofing sheet its accessories. ...


  • javid commerce

    we are Iranian Import and Export service provider. our services include introducing products to international markets also finding partners for your products. so, If you looking can count on us, if have interested in Iran market, help. ...


  • Yata express

    Yata Express Company, one of the well-known pioneers of Iran’s leather industry and a well-known international brand.


  • DARhandicraft

    Spoon carving Bowl carving Wooden spatula Wooden ladle


  • Do trade partner

    DO Tradepartner is a trading services company based in Iran that provides purchase and order registration services. We have gathered the best staff facilities to provide you with safe, risk-free more profitable trade through four main working groups, including: Petrochemicals Minerals, ...


  • isatis paper .com

    -We are one of the largest manufacturers of gray back duplex board in Iran -We now export to neighboring countries and are ready to export to other countries Cheap price and good quality distinguish us from competitors

  • Shabnam Plastic Iranian

    Shabnam Plastic is a leading manufacturer of recycled plastic granules, shopping bags, home appliances, kitchen tools and so on.


  • AMK Company

    We( ArvandMadan Company ) are so pleased to have this opportunity introduce ourselves as trading company, which is engaged with export mineral materials other countries In a view heavy demand of such these products, we centered all our activities transfer and items global market over ten years. ...

  • Priestlygasindustries

    Priestley Gas Industries, with its thirty years of work experience in the production oxygen and liquefied nitrogen gases, was established put into operation 2013. This group declares readiness to meet needs neighboring countries. Just call available numbers for advice guidance ...


  • Shrimpy

    We are one of the oldest Iranian shrimp producers under name SEPAS BITA BANDAR Ltd. Co. produce antibiotic free vannamei in premium quality with +20 years experience more than 120 Hectares farm Tiab, Hormozgan Province, Iran. The pollution sea water, which is channeled from Persian Gulf, pumped ...


  • oostamo

    We are a knowledge-based company that exports herbal products and drinks in Iran. Our have high quality level competitive standards prepared directly from the farmer. These include saffron, barberry, pistachio, tea, jujube, almond, etc. ...