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  • UFood Kft

    we are in a position to offer Halal Beef Meat. toyou up to 2 x 40Ft Container every month. for one year with a very healthy business relation ship.Hungarian Origi

    Telephone:36 - 212 - 62638Address:3200 ��csaba, L�� u. 2 B��csaba, B��csaba

  • Carrot King

    Dear, we are trader and manufacturer. We have a lot of red carrot. We sell carrots in good price.If you are interested in our product we show you some photo.

    Telephone:36 - 4004 - 273*****Address:Zentai u. 9/a Dabas, Pest

  • Kornel Co.LTD

    Standard: good grade, suitable to exporting all over the world. Grade: A, B, C and as per customers' requirement.1. world.2. requirement.3. Sorts: fresh chili dry chili.4. Place of origin: Szeged,Hungary.5. Size: 5.0-10.0cm,12.0cm up.6. Storage conveyance: a. Fresh storage ...

    Telephone:36 - 206 - 231970Address:Kiraly utca Budapest, Budapest

  • Agrogen Kft

    We are resourceful company wholesale distributor of the highest quality diary products,fresh fruits and vegetables available.Our customers include retail outlets , food service companies, schools, universities colleges, farm markets, restaurants, government institutions, other ...

    Telephone:36 - 302 - 365478256Address:2462 Martonv��, Budai � 38. T�k� Martonv��, Martonv��

  • Casapriko Ltd

    CASAPRIKO LTD is a licensed manufacturer and producer of Vegetable Oils, Biodiesel Spices in Cameroon. Our company (CASAPRIKO LTD) offers comprehensive range Oil products to meet EU regulations. We incorporate good Business with Shipping bring you the best service available. ...

    Telephone:36 - 7832 - 0250Address:13 Aves street  Budapest, Budapest

  • Pwd Juice

    The product shall be stored and shipped at zero degrees Fahrenheit or below. apples in an adequate transportation vehicle, which is fully insulated equipped with mechanical refrigeration. free flowing show no evidence of thawing refreezing. shelf life when as required, 18 months from date ...

    Telephone:36 - 212 - 525565Address:udapest budapest, budapest

  • Invest Continental

    Organic Jeju garlic is filled with allicin and pyridine, which are known to have excellent effects on brightening a persons complexion by purifying his/her blood, reducing constipation ridding the body of gastronomical diseases. Also, recognized for improving stamina, relieving fatigue ...

    Telephone:36 - 5658 - 2564Address:udapest baga, budapest

  • Sallay Family Farm Ltd.

    Our profiles are the following: Apples, peach, cherry, sour cherry, watermelon, paprika, potatoes, carrot, cabbage. Selecting the goods for weight, size and colour.Yearly quantity:Apple - 2000tWatermelon - 1000tPaprika - 1000tSour Cherry - 600t

    Telephone:36 - 70 - 3404744Address:Marko bush 15 Nagycserkesz, Szabolc

  • AGRIA-FA Kft Company Ltd

    SASXI-KFT Company LTD is a private enterprise with import and export qualifications. It big manufacturer of producing processing agricultural products other commodities. In recent years, depending on the stable quality reliable supply, we have gain prestige for our clients. ...

    Telephone:36 - 303 - 902702Address:Petofi u. 19., 3300 Eger Hungary, Budapest, Budapest

  • Zungu Co Ltd

    Zungu Co Ltd Fund in 2001 is a Manufacturing Trading Company Situated the South-west Region of African Continent precisely Cameroon with branchs USA and UAE. We are engaged manufacturing exporter Edible Vegetable oil ,Black White Pepper, Fresh Frozen Fish, Cashew Nuts,Sugar, ...

    Telephone:36 - 1 - 8894401Address:Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 47,  Budapest, Budapest

  • Tuipor Ltd.

    We are exporters of dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, mushrooms. We produce mainly from traditional European fruits and vegetables. Our product range is very wide.

    Telephone:36 - 1 - 38*****Address:Szuglo u. 82. Budapest, Hungary

  • Konsio Limited

    We are sellers of Agricultural Products and we are looking for serious buyers to do good and long term business with

    Telephone:36 - 0000 - 306973959Address:Budapest,Hungary Budapest, Budapest

  • Dried Sea Food Palace

    Telephone:36 - 88 - 234789Address:H 8200 Veszprém, Egyetem u. 10 Veszprem, Egyetem

  • Reality Trading

    Reality Tradings srl, is head-quartered in Hungary, Europe and specializes supplychain management of agricultural commodities such as Bird Seeds, Edible oils, Flour, Frozen Vegetables, chicken parts, Kidney Beans, Milk Powder, Oil seeds, Peanuts, Pulses, Rice, Spices, Sugar, Vegetables ...

    Telephone:36 - 0000 - 205388404Address:Budafoki utca 111 Budafoki , Budapest

  • U-Food Tradings Kft

    we are U Foods leading trading company in Hungary ready and responsible to take care of you need requirements iun iur products please have a review our present onlinw catalog leave us messge shall get back within 12 hrs see hiow me can help you. ...

    Telephone:36 - 21 - 359461Address:4600, Lázár u. 1 Békéscsaba, Budapest

  • Avesta

    We are a Trade company in field of import and export to all of the world and will improve our Business step by step.

    Telephone:36 - 70 - 4661931Address:terez korut 58 budapest,

  • Sunlight Kft

    Sunlight Kft is desired corporation in Budapest, Hungary founded 1919 which actively involved bulk production, exportation and distribution of all kinds food beverages both fresh frozen. Our wide range product line includes Poultry, Dairy products, All kind Cheese, soft drinks, energy ...

    Telephone:36 - 3092 - 48917Address:vacci utca 33 vacci utca, Budapest

  • Safado Spolka S/A

    SAFADO SPOLKA S/A is a well-established trade organization, with import, export activities, specializing in all food staffs and Agro products, to supply products 27 present member countries of the European Union. Our aim participate consolidation, development strengthening Union by ...

    Telephone:36 - 1 - 4566030Address:Vaci Rd 178 Budapest, Budapest 1138  Budapest, Budapest

  • Magnet Agro Trading Grou

    MAGNET AGRO TRADING GROUP is a well capitalised international Milk, meat, poultry, eggs, ostrich products, fish and other agricultural products trading company. Our are sourced worldwide, with shipping being expertly handled to ensure you receive your order on time in first class condition. ...

    Telephone:36 - 70 - 334344380Address:Kiraly Utc 23 Pecs, Pec

  • Ludvig and Son Ltd

    We supply dried sea cucumber which are processed by ourselves. have FDA process license.We or cooked frozen from Hungary. them ourselves in the United States. license. If you interested, please contact us. ...

    Telephone:36 - 645 - 967837Address:Dohany utca 2 Budapest, Budapest


    My comapny's PR-SLAVI DIAMOND.foods (chihcken,frozen chicken ,pig, frozen pig,) import, export.frozen food

    Telephone:+36 - 70 - 61*****Address:Szugl?ut .82 Budapest,


    Coming very soonest....Coming very soonest....Coming very soonest....Coming very soonest....Coming very soonest....Coming very soonest....

    Telephone:36 - 30 - 5421557Address:Pagony u. 27-29 Budapest, Budapest

  • MILMAX Kft

    Milkmax Kft aims to be the one stop shop for top quality, creative and unique products that makes life easy you. We make available helps you solve problems add great value your life.Our believe is some of our can living worthwhile we aim such via platform hope from this online store gives money ...

    Telephone:36 - 30 - 9493913Address:lbrany utca 22 Budapest, Budapest

  • First Feed Ltd

    First Feed Ltd is a growing and leading company devoted to provide worldwide customers oyster shells extract in all forms according the customer needs. we are specialized producing natural products extracted from shells. Oyster our raw materials resource.The main activity of wholesale ...

    Telephone:36 - 1 - 7692824Address:Kenese utca 3 Budapest, ,

  • Gemini Factor Ltd.

    Gemini Factor Ltd is an export-import company at Hungary. We supply premium categorie frozen meat (poultry, pork, beef) and canned foods (poultry items, Foie Gras, vegetables fruits). also work with dried seeds fruit juices. Our partners are from all over the world our main goal to help buyers ...

    Telephone:36 - 30 - 6833517Address:Othalom u. 25. Szeged, Csongrad