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  • Schuster GmbH

    We are suppliers and wholesales of various agricultural productsWe sell at very competitive prices and delivery is alsways efficianet

    Telephone:49 - 152 - 1472599Address:Promenade 30 Ansbach, Bayer

  • Sf Word Sho

    We have available one of the best quality stock fish in world. we always been working towards a better success. due to our long lasting business partners, goals are being achieved. for this will also like your support and participation relationship. ...

    Telephone:49 - 9826 - 726606Address:altendorfer str 45 Hannover, Deutchland

  • Hamza Gundogdu Gmbh

    we supply products like Fish maw, Sea cucumber, chicken parts, white sesame seeds, pepper, Black Jack Fruit, wheat flour, Tin Ingot, Shea Nuts,,Sheau Butter, Corn Oil, Watermelon seeds ,Pecan nuts, Olive None Dairy Creamer, Mackere flaps, Green Coffee beans, Frozenb coconut meat, Crude ...

    Telephone:49 - 112 - 37658Address:Holzbachtalstr. 211 Holzbachtalstr., Straubenhardt.

  • Van Hufma

    We are Spelle Exporters Gmbh under parent company, Hamza Gmbh Major Traders of Food stuff in Spelle Germany,please have a review of our Catalog and contact us for more informatio

    Telephone:49 - 31 - 1353222Address:Adam Opel Str. 12 Spelle, Spelle

  • Codsa GMBH

    Codsa Gmbh is an international trading company with our mission being to satisfy all our customers by providing them fast affordable and satisfactory services.

    Telephone:49 - 445 - 568976Address:Petersplatz 1, 80331 Munich, Bavaria, Germany Munich, Baden-Wuerttemberg

  • Jennyarowana

    Supplier of asian arowana, banjar red arowana, red tail golden, qian hu red tail golden,panda gold, high back red tail golden, red tail golden splendour, chilli red arowana, super red arowana, tung hu chilli red arowana crossback golden arowana etc.

    Telephone:49 - 345 - 456789Address:979 country road berlin, frankfurt

  • Wil Bun Gmbh

    Wil Bun Gmbh is an effectively managed company involved in the Manufacture, Branding and Exportation of various products. We manufacture export a wide rage frozen poultry, beef, pork, dairy seafood. also products like sugar, cooking oil (used unused), copper beverages, we have built deep ...

    Telephone:49 - 21 - 215980Address:Dr.-Hermann-Lindrath-Str. 12 B Wahlstedt,

  • Kuafland Energy Food

    Kaufland Energy Foods is an international frozen food trading and production company based in Hamburg, Germany. We specialise IQF Frozen Food Oil over the last forty five years have built close business relationships with leading manufacturing suppliers andblue chip companies. established ...

    Telephone:49 - 152181 - 3610Address:Holstenstra� 224 -22765 Hamburg Mundsburg, Hamburg

  • KALT GmbH

    we are suppliers of quality dried stock fish within Europe and all other parts of the world. we will be glad for you to belong to one of us and help expend our network worldwide. your orders are highly welcome

    Telephone:49 - 862 - 26862Address:Epihover 24 Berlin, Berli

  • Voltkeer CO. LTD

    We are one of the world leading multi task company providing a large variety products in market. we do provide wholesale supplies and distributions around world. our aim objectives coming years is to be distribution customer satisfaction.We can't achieve this without you. please join us ...

    Telephone:49 - 5102 - 11000048Address:erliner platz 4 Essen,

  • Mega Food Frischmarkt Gmbh

    Mega Food Frischmarkt Gmbh is located in Germany. we have been selling our own brands of products throughout Europe. We have specialized in frozen pastry products.

    Telephone:49 - 621 - 8201529Address:Untermuhlaustr 67 Mannheim,

  • SCOT GmbH Co. LTD

    We are a German base company with various branches in many other parts of the world. suppliers and wholesale distributors consumer goods. our aim is to be leading supplier all brands products for satisfaction fast delivery world wide. ...

    Telephone:49 - 5625 - 286868Address:Hollerallee 32 Bremen, Breme

  • Pointage Inc

    Worldwide, the Melitta Group manufactures and markets a wide variety of consumer products including foils wraps, air cleaners humidifiers, vacuum bags cleaning products, and, course, under brand name, full range coffee preparation for which company is best known. We also trade in ...

    Telephone:49 - 571 - 861288Address:Melitta Str. 44 Minden, Minde

  • Agro Mart LLC

    Agro Groups LLC offers you the best fruits in the world,directly from the growers at origin.We are currently shipping to all over the world.

    Telephone:49 - 234 - 63753637Address:Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 32a Mitte, Berli

  • Benno Marstaller GmbH

    H/O MEDITHEMA BV Netherlands has the best quality fresh Beers and agricultural products we sell at very competitive prices. We have large bases for planting onion here in our own factory cleaning processing them. test center, where can do various inspections to ensure quality.We also supply ...

    Telephone:49 - 00 - 15213437156Address:Mitarbeiter unter 100 München, Bayer

  • Grosfidelice

    We offer to you fresh vegetables at affordable prices. our company has been in the agricultural development of fresh vegetables such as Onion and Garlic.We will be ready to provide you the best quality fresh vegetables at affordable prices.

    Telephone:49 - 5741 - 68416Address:donoerstr 52 berlin, berli

  • Global Gmbh

    Founded in 2000, ,Global GmbH is the regional pioneer offering high quality food and beverage products, marketing expertise technical services across manufacturing, retail hospitality industries. Headquartered Germany with offices warehousing facilities European Union . We service ...

    Telephone:49 - 1523 - 854479Address:Langenhorner Chaussee 600. 22419 Hamburg Hamburg Hamburg 22419 Germany Hamburg, Gemany.Bvana.munich(LOCIS2)

  • Nestpa Trading GmbH

    Nestpa Trading GmbH is an effectively managed company involved in the Manufacture, Branding and Exportation of various products. We manufacture export a wide rage frozen poultry, beef, pork, dairy seafood. also products like sugar, cooking oil (used unused), copper beverages, we have built ...

    Telephone:49 - 34 - 290864Address:Fröndenbergerstraße 97 58706 Menden Menden, Mende

  • L&H GmbH

    We are engaged in the trade and production of poultry but, over past few years, product groups have expanded to include meat, fish, vegetables hatching eggs. These products can be supplied from stock our own chilled frozen storage areas. Our company has all necessary processing facilities order ...

    Telephone:49 - 152 - 1721Address:Sdfeldstrasse 8 Hannover,  Lower Saxony

  • Lucyseafood

    Telephone:49 - 1768 - 982882Address:hamburger str 3 hamburg, bk

  • Kg-mti

    KG MTI-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. Frauenthal 6, D-20149 HamburgTel. +49 40 414 769 59 Fax 418www.kg-mti.deGeschäftsführer: Dietrich RackebrandtHandelsregister: Amtsgericht Hamburg HRA 98301Komplementär: Meatex Fleisch Export GmbHHandelsregister: HRB 85477VAT No: DE 813 ...

    Telephone:49 - 40 - 41476959Address:Frauenthal 6 Hamburg, Hamburg

  • MAOF Commodities Ltd

    MAOF Commodities Ltd is a reputed manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Frozen Poultry products, Refined Cane Beet Sugar icumsa45, Dairy Products, Sunflower Oil, White Copy Paper, Eggs, Pork Parts, all type Sea food in Germany Hungary. ...

    Telephone:49 - 407 - 7189942Address:Röntgenstraße 23 Hamburg, Hamburg

  • Alex Hoffman CO.,LTD

    Telephone:49 - 8933 - 985338Address:10428 frankfurt,86 church road (Germany) frankfurt, innenstadt

  • Paderborn Tradings Gmbh

    We are a trading company specialized in the trading and distribution of consumer goods to the public

    Telephone:49 - 152 - 13900818Address:Helenen strasse 47 Paderborn, North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Hamza Douch GMBH

    We are a family run business established in 2003 with over 10years experience the food and beverages market.We pride ourselves on our customer service guaranteed delivery times.EISENBURG Trading Company GmbH (ETC), is situated German city west side of Ruhr Area North Rhine-Westphalia. It an ...

    Telephone:49 - 212 - 22353542Address:Holzbachtalstr. 211 Holzbachtalst, Holzbachtalst

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