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  • K-DS

    Telephone:33 - 6 - 308*****Address:54 RUE SALVADOR ALLENDE NANTERRE, ILE DE FRANCE


    Anthil is a french marketing agency. We have a project manufacturing R/C toys and are looking for a manufacturer in China. We already do business in this country. We also are open to resell manufactured toys or sports good for the french market.

    Telephone:33 - 6 - 223*****Address:43 Impasse sylvestre Saint-Aygulf,

  • FTW2

    Our company is dealing with aircraft and act as intermediary for one big company bases in Emitates. We could find for buyers Leasing and financing through Suisse bank.

    Telephone:33 - 450 - 0*****Address:8 rue rene naudin annemasse,

  • Wagram Energie

    Wagram Energie has an incoming services which offers services in travel reservation and organization for your trip in FRANCE AND EUROPE.Our Incentive department are lookink for ELECTRIC BICYCLE

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 470*****Address:30, rue de la Faisanderie paris,

  • Lvl

    i live in France and i want to trade just with the serious people not ripper,and with only good prices,so people from asia and specially from China. bye

    Telephone:33 - 630 - 6*****Address:3 rue charles darwin draveil,


    (Selling) : Automobiles / Cars Trucks Buses Materials (export) Profile      GUERIN is a business Cabinet in the commerce of vehicles material since 1975, we are elected by societies specialized first plan to develop their exports (Material New, etc.).   We ...

    Telephone:33 - 2 - 40464924Address:5 rue Paul Eluard NANTES, Loire Atlantique

  • Saj Mahal


    Telephone:33 - 32009 - 3015Address:1 coeur joyeux  LOMME, LILLE

  • TransMeublier

    Hello, I am a french businessman who looks for chinese factories to manufacture european furniture. I also can propose you to represent your company in Europe.If you are interested, please contact me.Best regards, François-Xavier Galla

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 395*****Address:31 rue Carnot Versailles,

  • France Service

    Dear Sir/MadamDo you want to sell your products in France, Europe or Africa and win more? for this pass an adverse business web site wait may be 20 inquiries per week?Now contact directly more than 4 millions opt emails buyers B multi sectors We send translate all French Belgium (free ...

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 668795312Address:1 rue victor hugo paris,

  • Agence BASSANO - Abseo

    Agence Bassano is a french communication company specialized in creating Audio video and 3D contents aiming improving sales, communications, educations & training.

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 472*****Address:20 rue Bassano Paris 16, Pari

  • A.M.I. Eurl

    One stop renewable enrgy company selling and supporting reneawable energy systems like wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays, trackers, mppt other solar controllers, batteries, inverters, converters, hot water, air to water heat pumps, pumps everything for at home, office anywhere they may ...

    Telephone:33 - 299 - 8*****Address:8 Place du Manoir Saint-Malo,


    we sell internet website,we are ebay seller,we buy electronics goods for Franceplease feel free to contact us only by the website please

    Telephone:33 - 4 - 938*****Address:6 rue Jules Michel Residence Roquebilliere, Bat 18 Escalier 30 Nice, Alpes-Maritimes (06)

  • STAP Cor

    Stap corp is a French import and export compagnie than more 10 years.So one of major actor on market agent for this kind product in order to support our strong business development .We can suplies us copper cathodes,nikel cathodes,petrolium,Urea,jet fiul... ...

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 6175*****Address:10 av de beausejour Palaiseau,

  • Rdti

    RDTI is a software solutions company based in Paris. We offer that include promotion (Web Sites, Advertising campaigns & support), administration (programs and computer infrastructure management), personnel (Delegation of Computer technicians), audit (Consulting concerning ...

    Telephone:33 - 667 - 2*****Address:34 boulevard des Italiens Paris, Ile de France

  • PC Minut

    laptop notebook computer ipod integrat compone audio peripherique soft computer portable communicatio

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 309*****Address:13 Avenue de l'Europe les Mureaux, france

  • Aizenko

    We propose to promote your company within our European directory. Your activity and your products are visible throughout a dedicated space abd benefit from our global web positionning

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 411*****Address:127 avenue Charles de Gaullerue faidherbe challigny Paris,

  • Slida

    International law firm with office in Paris (France) All aspects of French law: arbitration, intellectual property, litigation, commercial, employment, wills,  family. Tri-lingual: English, French, Italian. Maurizio De Arcangelis 111, rue Saint Antoine 75004 Tel. ...

    Telephone:33 - 6 - 62273159Address:111, Saint Antoine Paris, France

  • Atsikko

    leace i will like to know the price and were cant i buy it at bankok thks becase i will be in bankok on march

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 422*****Address:191 rue legendre paris,

  • Sap Pizza

    We are in the process of setting up a business producing frozen pizzas. we need an interesting proposal or potential buyer distributors agencyThe production capacity would be 500 000 per month pizza base price varies according to quantity. future find buyers for this type product. So from you is ...

    Telephone:33 - 8946 - 3800Address:9 rue kleber mulhouse,

  • Edealweb SARL

    Seller : Business services - Consulting and partnership for implantation in France Europe zone Business Venture developpement  for technologic companies Financing Investment R&D Offshore Incorporation Services Buyer Reseller High Tech products - Laptops, Mobiles, ...

    Telephone:33 - 1 - 9704*****Address:33 avenue Montaigne Paris,

  • Paris Invest

    Telephone:33 - 06 - 28333488Address:23, rue saint ferdinand Paris, IDF


    Auridis Company Overview Bartering and distribution of products mainly oriented aviation, electronics, battery operated products, solar chargers weather stations, electronic compas, radio aviation transmitters...Working right now to settle a web buisness with for european private ...

    Telephone:33 - 471 - 4*****Address:3 rue du Chateau Saint Etienne AURILLAC, Cantal Auvergne

  • Cioa Grou

    We are a family-owned company located in France and active in import export for over 20 years.We are always looking for new products to be promoted in our B2B marketplace.

    Telephone:33 - 04 - 94121440Address:Immeuble Le Nobel, Avenue de l'Université La Valette du Var, PACA

  • Hopler

    Telephone:33 - 6749 - 25930Address:10 Place de Montlimar Toulouse,

  • France-Portugal Traductio

    Did you know that the Portuguese language is 3rd mostly spoken European in whole world? The speaking countries (Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, S� Tom�and Pr�cipe, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and East-Timor) are a well-known market full of promises. France-Portugal Traductions ...

    Telephone:33 - 668 - 454759Address:D& rue du General Rene Keller Aix-en-Provence, PACA

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