• Kyungin Gear

    We, Kyung-In Gear is a Korean manufacturer of Gear, box and Slewing bearing that are using to major heavy industrial companies.. have gained particular recognition for our technology ,high quality excellent manufacturing facilities. As production capacity, we able produce gear up 14 M the ...

    Telephone: 82-32-7101234Address:73BL-5LT, 643-4, Gojan-Dong, Namdong-Gu

  • TNMKOREA Company

    Telephone: 82-2-521-6161Address:1614-24, Seocho-Dong, Seocho-Gu

  • Sgo Co., Ltd.

    Nano Technology is a new industry and high-end technology that could be the driving force ofthe 21st century as we are focusing our efforts into developing green growth technologies, highly efficient alternative energies, materials using nano technology. In respect, SGO Co., Ltd. spent years ...

    Telephone: 82-32-8134259Address:# 681-9, Namdong

  • O2EMpyrean Co,. Ltd.

    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 82-31-9525011Address:Munsan-eup Jangan-1ri

  • S D Industrial

    We started in 1981 and have an important role as the forerunner at domestic P. U industry, been producing various superior quality products.Recently, we making unique high-level performance products suitable for application of automobile, furniture, shoes, clothes other things under ...

    Telephone: 82-51-322-2128Address:523-2, Omgung-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea


    Telephone: 82-10-2970-1498

  • Micromedia co.

    We are Korea supplier for industrial LIQUID Filtration products such as; - filter element - machinery - separation & purification system; world major OEM product at current - no. 1 Korean brand - Japan Food Associate certificate - ISO9001, ISO14000 certified Our URL site ...

    Telephone: 82-2-557-0604Address:Kangnam Daechi

  • Schaeffler Korea Corp.

    Telephone: 82-055-280-8611Address:452-9,Nae-dong ,Changwon-si

  • Best Metal Work

    Telephone: 82-033-345-5550Address:37-41, YANGJUK-RI, UCHON-MYON, HOENGSONG-GUN

  • RPS Co., Ltd.

    RPS Co., Ltd. offers different but better future in the field of Air Bearing Spindle and Ball Spindle. RPS Co. which has best technology biggest production capacity Vesicular Ceramic Vacuum Chuck Table domestic industry keeps growing on basis technological capability proved by companies ...

    Telephone: 82-42-6023300Address:63-20, Daehwa-dong

  • ESCO Co., Ltd.

    We are manufacturing plumbing block and bearing adapters that used for movement core parts of common industrial machinery. have supplying our products to domestic companies including Pohang Iron Steel Co.(POSCO) export Japan pervade favorable images more than 20 years obtained the ...

    Telephone: 82-31-6775511Address:Boche-ri, 325-3

  • daeyangtrading.co

    Telephone: 82-11-9891-7935Address:271-30 mok hyun dong

  • PSM Inc.

    PSM Inc. was established as a premier atmospheric pressure plasma manufacturer on the firm basis. We PSM has rich experience and excellent staffs who have developed commercialized various highly evaluated optimized processing techniques practical manufacturing systems which are related ...

    Telephone: 82-51-9703017Address:1658-7, Songjeon-dong

  • Korea Japan Tok Bearing Co., Ltd.

    Telephone: 82-02-756-9474Address:RM 701,NAMYANG B/D, 11-3,Bukchang-dong ,Jung-gu

  • Hae-doo Inc

    Manufacturing spare parts for hydraulic pumps such as cylinder block, piston, seal kits. Selling: Used korean excavator. Disposable camera, photo film. Manual camrea (re-usable camera) Water pump. Korean ginseng You can get most of made goods from us at competitive price. ...

    Telephone: 82-55-3283370Address:# 1067-3 Eobangdong Kimhae South Korea

  • SEIL CO., INC.

    Telephone: 82-55-3221658Address:Mukbang-ro 155beon-gil, Sangdong-myeo

  • Ckc Incorporated

    Telephone: 82-061-691-4799Address:Hwajang-dong,Hwajang-dong ,Yeosu-si

  • EurAsia International

    Telephone: 82-70-88261609Address:302, Korea Park, 400-2, Joong Dong, Soo Seong Gu

  • DYM Co., Ltd.

    Telephone: 82-051-264-0018Address:1506-4, Dadae-dong, Saha-gu

  • Fmc Korea Co., Ltd.

    Telephone: 82-031-433-4272Address:#306,Seonggok-dong ,Danwon-gu, Ansan-si