• Aztec Trading Ltd

    Aztec Trading Ltd is a trusted Canadian company that has been in business since 2002 marketing products globally.

    Telephone:1-204-2185707Address:112 a Scurfield Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

  • TheHouseOfVolda.com

    We are looking for legitimate and honest manufacturers in China, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Thailand, India, and Pakistan to supply us with quality wholesale products.


  • Pjf Recycling Specialty Inc.

    We are collectors of printer and copier cartridges. We sell ink and toner cartridges in large quantities.

    Telephone:1-905-4973431Address:44 Outlook Ave, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

  • Global Core Group

    Our company in used clothes. We can buy or sell used clothes any where in world through good relations.

    Telephone:416-721-9712Address:41 DEWRIDGE COURT, BRAMPTON, ONTARIO, Canada

  • DLK Prairie Investors

    We are a flour milling company that has been in business for 3 years now. Our flours 100% whole grain products. There no additives or preservatives our oroducts. presently hard red spring wheat, soft white corn, peas and spelt. working at bringing more grains flour. packaging sizes 1lb. 2 lb. 5 10 we ...

    Telephone:1-250-5700170Address:13124 Mapes Road, Vanderhoof, B.C. Canada, Canada

  • Houssen Exporters Ltd

    Broadcast radio and production in HDTV television. Laser and LED as well as hologram technolgies. We are interested in buying equipment that is in the high tech range of LED displays and Video walls such as video curtains and outdoor LED signs.

    Telephone:1-506-3841009Address:863 Indian Mountain Road, Indian Mountain, NB, Canada

  • Payless_Caraudio

    Company in car audio sales and services. All kinds of products available. Real legit sell offers that provide security for both the buyer and seller with the use of PayPal.

    Telephone:780-445-4397Address:14206-124 St, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Leo-Ray LIMITED

    Leo-Ray has develop into the accessible luxury lifestyle brand that we are known for today. We offer clothing men and women, including accessories. Our product an effortless sophisticated aesthetic with a focus on quality versatility. From work to leisure special occasions, our customers ...

    Telephone:1-6479550964Address:151 village green sq, Scarborough, ON, Canada

  • Leizong International Inc.

    Leizong International Inc. is a Canadian company aiming to successfully bridge the existing communication and culture gap providing information-oriented service for our international clients. Our scope of tailors specific needs companies that have ambition invest in Canada China. team ...

    Telephone:1-514-9339407Address:5283 Rue Ste-Marie, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • La MahaSELtcan (The We With You Network)

    This is a co-op. If you do business with us, will be paid. Designed to get the lowest prices highest margins -- as decided by each member of process. The aim transparent possible give buyer and seller extreme advantage minimal costs returns. Please note that members la mahaSELtcan. co-op were not ...

    Telephone:1-647-8919528Address:47 Grantbrook St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Bio Nuclear DIagnostics Iinc.

    Bio Nuclear Diagnostics has been servicing the scientific community since 1979. Our own line of medical disposable and laboratory products called "Technologist Choice" marketed worldwide is widely used by various healthcare institutions, including Federal Provincial levels ...

    Telephone:1-416-6741545Address:1791 Albion Road, Toronto, Canada


    We are a small size industrial and electrical brokerage company established in 1980 and operate out of the lower mainland in British Columbia.

    Telephone:1-604-7560019Address:Columbia Street, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

  • A Z Internet Solutions Inc

    We specialize in sourcing both buying and selling excess inventories, liquidations, closeouts ferrous & Non-ferrous metal scraps at most competitive prices. can help sellers buyers, who are looking to sell or buy liquidation inventory scrap. ...

    Telephone:1-4163003832Address:74 Nipissing Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • Sonasa Investments Inc.

    I am looking for products that i can buy at wholesale and resale in Canada. The types are: consumer electronics, PC's, purses, sunglasses, Womens clothing, Indian clothing (Lenghas, Kurtis, etc) dollar store items. Company established 2004 with1-5 employees. ...

    Telephone:1-613-8531782Address:23 Upwood St., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  • ViCky & Co., Intl Trade & Investment

    represent several key FACTORIES in china in SWIMWEAR product. represent several key CANADIAN/AMERICAN AND OVERSEAS customers AREAS of interest: Apparel & Fashion ; Gifts & Crafts ; Construction Equipment ; Electronics and Electrical

    Telephone:1-514-7211180Address:3565 Jarry St. E suite 109, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • Ken Saunders Leisure World

    We are a Rare Out of Print and Used Book Company. selling Hard, and soft covered books, magazines, comic books and pocket books. We ship world wide since 1967.

    Telephone:1-613-3954538Address:108 Salem Rd, Stirling ON. Canada, On, Canada

  • Wedge Internet Marketing

    We are an internet marketing company looking for niche products to sell online. We develop websites that sell niche or non-competitive products.

    Telephone:00-403-6694731Address:P.O box 137, BRANT, Alberta, Canada

  • Cando Contracting Ltd.

    Cando Contracting is a dynamic railway contracting business. We own and operate shortlines (located in Canada), install new track, remove old abandoned buy sell steel (mainly rail) provide switching services to many manufacturing plants, both Canada the USA. also locomotive repair ...

    Telephone:1-204-7252627Address:740 Rosser Ave., Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

  • Quantum Food Group Inc.

    QFG Inc. is a supplier of bulk refined and raw sugar in addition to bulk petroleum products. QFG has evolved as technical service provider to the food and agricultural industries in the Americas, the UK and Africa.

    Telephone:1-613-4847634Address:3833 Alton Rd., Harrowsmith, Canada

  • Aaa Distribution


    Telephone:1-604-6320331Address:139-101-1184 denman st, vancouver, british columbia, Canada