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  • Huzaifa Enterprize

    1. Importers of various kinds electrical, electronics, jewelery, housewares, hardware,decorative things, toys, optics, watches, innovative products etc.Businessmen or exporters any countries the world can communicate with us.We hope it will be beneficial for all. 2. Exporters all ...

  • Frueko

    With a tradition of over 35 years in fruit growing and viticulture, FRUEKO DOO is one the leaders production Serbia region. All our orchards are built according to highest international standards equipped with most modern equipment. ...


  • BIPU Greens

    Bipu Greens is an organic fresh halal vegetables and its processed bi-product supplier/ exporter.

  • Maylyn Navarez

    A dedicated supplier of coconut products


  • Mohona Enterprise

    Export & Supplier of following below items. Bamboo Splits, Sticks, Raw Bamboo, Poles, Cane PET FLAKES (Cold Hot Water Washed) Jute Packaging Bags Others Items Marine Used Spare Parts, Pump, Motor, Generator, Rig equipment, Compressor, Purifier, Oil Separator Items. ...

  • AATREY Import & Export

    We are the leading exporter, suppliers, producers and distributor of fresh fruits & vegetables in market. pride ourselves to serve you best quality like Mango, Apple, Custard apple, Grapes, Pomegranate, Banana etc. such as Onion, Drumstick, Chili committed bringing available products, ...

  • Sichuan Shihong Technology Co.,Ltd

    Sichuan Shihong Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech integrated enterprise dedicated to the research and development of wide range amino acid fertilizers, including acids powder, liquid chelated minerals for agriculture . We manufacture according top quality standard our products pass SGS ...

    Telephone:+86 61504998

  • FruitBuys Vietnam

    \\\"Welcome to FruitBuys Vietnam, your go-to source for all kinds of dried fruit! We\\\'re professional fruit OEM manufacturer and exporter, providing high quality snacks at wholesale price year-round stable source. Our is specially made be healthy delicious, with no added sugar ...

  • Công Ty Tnhh The Hum

    We provide many agricultural products such as coffee, rice, banana, anise, cinnamon, chili, ginger, galangal, onions, garlic.... We look forward to cooperating with your company to export and distribute these items

    Telephone:0986912579 / 0762125292

  • Lorea International

    Welcome to Lorea International, a leading clothing buying house and Potato Exporter based in Chattogram,Bangladesh . We are team of experienced professionals dedicated providing our clients with the highest quality at competitive prices. With years experience industry, we have built ...

  • Công ty CP Thực Phẩm Thiên Nhiên King Green

    Về Vua Gạo là một sản phẩm không thể thiếu trong bữa cơm của gia đình Việt. Nắm bắt được điều đó, các công ty King Green (Vua Gạo) ra đời. Công đời vào năm 2016 và luôn tiếp tục cố gắng phát triển. Chúng tôi đặc biệt chú ...


  • Exotic land

    Hello dear, Let me give a small brief of our business “Exotic Land Co.” We are largest in egypt for export and import live animals, reptiles mammals , we worked at the field exporting & importing since 30 years have lot references all over world CITES Non-CITES species from Egypt if you ...

  • Serita Marketing (Private) Limited

    Serita Marketing (Private) Limited, Headquarters in Karachi, Pakistan. office Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Branch Office Indore, India. acts as an Exporter, Importer & Distributor. deals and supply various kinds of cooking oil, Meat, Poultry products, Lentils, Kidney Beans, Chickpeas, ...

    Telephone:+92 (21) 32470530

  • OraCrop

    OraCrop is one of the leading Vermicompost and other agro-products exporters from India. Our product list has award-winning (organic fertilizer), Cocopeat, agro-products. All our products are developed in controlled conditions handpicked. We have been offering world-class items at most ...

  • Jiuding New Material Co.,Ltd.

    Established 1972, Public company 2021 Sales: $167M, Export 50% of total business Headcount: 2000 Factory area: 240K Sq Meter. Quality: ISO9001, TS16949 Process: hand-lay-up, RTM, vaccum bag and SMC Main product: FRP/GRP/fiberglass covering parts. OEM aftermarket experience for ...


  • PT. Ankera Agro Group

    \\\"PT Ankera Agro Group is an indonesian company that operates in several industries, including plantation, international trading, and agriculture. Our trading journey began with dealing refined coconut oil gradually expanded into agricultural products such as PAO, HACPO, POME, other ...

  • Liber Mendel Eurasian

    «Liber Mendel Eurasian Ltd.» is a trading company specializing in industrial chemistry, mineral resources, metallurgy and energy.

  • Kuba Trade

    Successtrade LLC Our trade mark name is Kuba, we are suppliers of corn and wheat from Ukrainian fields. We could arrange shipment via sea railway road. Working base on FOB CIF contracts. main rule 100% implementation agreements based contract. All analysis certification included. Will be glad ...

  • Diravi UG

    Diravi UG, a global commodity trading company based in the Germany. We specialize trade of chemicals such as diesel fuel and ethanol, well agricultural products like fertilizers. Our logistic services ensure that our are delivered to customers worldwide timely efficient manner. Values: ...


  • Mirgreen Animals feed trading LLC

    Worldwide supply of urea

    Telephone:+971 58 264 6814


    We are a technology-driven digital marketing platform that sells consumer and Food, agricultural, animal products, from the factory to consumer. Females, men, children, Companies, organizations our clear target customers. However, we realize will probably attract some younger women, ...

  • Agro Preciso

    Agro Preciso, is a Nigerian private limited company that started operations in 2015, and was officially incorporated August 2020 under the Companies Allied Matters Act, (CAMA 2020). It established to engage agribusiness, activities such as crop cultivation, animal, husbandry, produce ...



    Hi... I am manufacturing in India, I am manufacturing only Organic fertilizer products Grow Promote products for all crops if you need anything you can contact me. Mobile no. +91-9591612175 +91-8296649125 Email id. [email protected] Thank you.


    PT Berkat Hakata Lautan Mas Group is a trading company of Agricultural industry based on Indonesia. Our Source are from the most trusted and High Profile Producer, better news that we not just delivering products. Sustainability priority for us, this includes being careful about where source ...


    Compuny working is manufature all agriculture porducts.

  • nd group

    we are importer n exporter based in ho chi minh city vietnam


  • Sunrise import export inverstment Co., Ltd (Ecolife imex co., ltd)

    Sunrise Import Export Investment Co., Ltd & our subsidiary Ecolife - a trusted manufacturer and exporter of agricultural products including Wood products/Eco-charcoal (sawdust briquette charcoal, white charcoal – Binchotan black charcoal), canned/dried fruit (canned lychee, canned ...


  • Agarwood Oud

    We offer wholesale priced Oud Oil Sweet pure Oud Oil direct from our plantation and distillery (plantation and wild Agarwood trees in Koh Kong and Pursat Provinces)


  • KeoCuocHongHai Company ltd

    The core business of KeocuocHongHai is focusing on sport fishing and line for fishermen since the early 1980s. company’s vision supported by production technologies. We produce a wide range monofilament products with diameters from 0.15mm to 4mm meet all requirements line, net, tuna ...

  • Nogueira Rivelli Irmaos Ltda

    Top Halal Frozen Chicken Exporter in Brazil

    Telephone:+55 (35) 1111-4444


    We are trading company offering crude and refined sunflower and soybean oil from Ukraine.

  • ZK Exporter

    Our Company Started work in 2020,our company Only Provides the grass after the payment we doing exportation Started Into small Business Then now we combine the best as well


  • Vigorun Intelligence Tech Shandong CO., LTD.

    We are a manufacturer of remote control lawn mowers from China, Our company- focus on the research & development and auto pilot intelligent machinery, such as mower, weed cutter, wireless controlled robot chassis kits, autonomous running tracked platform, etc. company\\\'s products meet ...



    \\\"Welcome to AL-KHAIR AGRIFARMS We are a leading provider of high-quality silage, dedicated revolutionizing the agricultural industry. With our commitment excellence, cutting-edge technology, and sustainable practices, we strive deliver exceptional products that meet needs modern ...



    With an idyllic background from farmers in Mekong Delta River area, Rice & More respect the genuine, especially business relationship. Our aim is to make use of big advantages and bring best value agriculture products Vietnam world with rice our passion while other (Vietnamese rice, Vietnamese ...

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