• King General Trading

    we are a trader located in indonesia. we supply different kinds of agriculture commodity such as coconut fiber , cocopeat and many more.

    Telephone:62 - 21 - 123454Address:jalan dandadakaww jakarta jawa Indonesia

  • Samudra Artha Sentosa

    Our company is engaged in the sale and purchase of agricultural produce like rubber, cocoa, pepper, etc.. Our company is built on trust and quality. And we do not want our customers disappointed so it can establish long term cooperation. thanks

    Telephone:62 - 0858 - 85119773Address:Ruko Permata Cimone Blok A 27 Tangerang Banten Indonesia

  • PT Parshu Indonesia

    We are an export company based in Medan, Indonesia. We Damar Batu Calcutta quality, Bombay quality and Dus.  We exporting to various destinations India. sell fully dried dust free & qualities dust. can offer 2 grades - Normal Yellow. Yellow is superior. Our current prices as under : ...

    Telephone:62 - 61 - 76916677Address:Jl. Kl. Yos Sudarso No.172 KM 27, Kel. Jati Utomo, Binjai Utara Medan Sumatera Utara Indonesia Indonesia

  • Hernet Corporation

    indonesia produces a lot of natural resources, we are willing to sell the results of natural resources with a very interesting price,We sell agricultural product,anchovy,mud crab,fish and

    Telephone:62 - 81328 - 826051Address:jl.jepara-kudus km. 19 pelang jepara jepara jawa tengah Indonesia

  • Indonesia Supplier

    we sell shrimp/fish/onion cracker. We sell to coal,copra,coconut charcoal, cahsew nuts and any more product from Indonesia

    Telephone:62 - 0856 - 8052589Address:Jakarta Nort Jakarta Jakarta 14450 Indonesia

  • CV. Nagharu Danatama

    We are selling dry Seaweed : Type of Eucheuma Cottoni and Sargassum We are also selling Seaweed product (food)

    Telephone:62 - 817 - 5749526Address:Jl. Dr. Wahidin No. 21 Sumbawa Besar Nusa Tenggara Barat 83116 Indonesia

  • Po. Bandar Damar Shorea Javanica

    Gum Damar is a natural resin obtained from the Dipterocarpaceae family of trees. It readily soluble in spirits and gives very pale films with high gloss, impermeable excellent colour stability. Typically used lacquers to produce gloss provide adhesive properties, it also an ingredient ...


  • PT. Usaha Unggul

    Dear Sirs, We are the registered exclusive marketing agent of Indonesian agricultural  and marine products. We partner directly with Farmers and Fisherman to deliver a fresh healthy food countries world wide. not only provide best quality products but also help those who ...

    Telephone:62 - 21 - 6617310Address:Jl. Muara Karang Blok E 1 U/17 Jakarta Jakarta 14450 Indonesia

  • PT.Nabateans Aromatic

    We can offer on regular basis  dry Turmeric/Curcuma , Gum Benzoin and Essential Oil such patchouli oil, Nutmeg Oil, Clove oil etc

    Telephone:62 - 21 - 4714735Address:Jln.Sinar Jaya 49 Jakarta DKI 13230 Indonesia

  • Pt Tiga Rasa Indonesia

    we are one of the leading export, import and distribution agricultural products in indonesia,.with our main : tamarind seed, seedless, candlenut, green mung beans, corriander, groundnuts, garlic, white black pepper, sesame seeds, melinjo crackers. please do not hesitate contact us if ...

    Telephone:62 - 31 - 7480756Address:Margomulyo Indah 1 / B4-5 Surabaya East Java 60191 Indonesia

  • PT.Demiurge Feodora

    we moving in the filed of international trade and manufacture to supply agriculture product, industry, natural product. our target is worldwide country and also meet local needs.

    Telephone:62 - 31 - 3534714Address:jalan ikan dorang baru 46A surabaya east java 60177 Indonesia

  • Pt.Mitrasaranaaquatama

    EXPORTER AND CAPTIVE BREEDER OF ASIAN AROWaNA Detailed Product Description PRICE All prices are quoted in US Dollars F.O.B Indonesia. Excluding packing costs, freight cost and export documentation cost. indicative, as of some fishes seasonal. Firm upon request subject to validity period ...

    Telephone:62 - 819 - 95410949Address:Gg.palem I No.25 Gabex Pangkal pinang BABEL 33135 Indonesia

  • CV.Puncak Indah

    Dear Sir, I want to give you information about our product namely White pepper(Lada putih, we find for seriously Buyer in Indonesia or other country..sustainable manner accordance with the results of production and price appopriate market.. Regard ...

    Telephone:62 - 411 - 459139Address:Jl.St.Mollah no.23 Makassar Sulawesi Selatan 90232 Indonesia

  • CV Sari Barokah Agrindo

    CV. Sari Barokah Group (was founded in 2003, is an Import and Export company to provide services for clients throughout the world who are looking suitable quality products with competitive prices. We representing some of finest well-established manufacturers suppliers Malaysia Indonesia. ...

    Telephone:62 - 61 - 8450447Address:Jl. Raya Medan - Binjai Km 11.2 Lr. Pribadi No. 36 Sunggal Medan North Sumatera 20352 Indonesia

  • CV Bangkit Jaya Abadi

    We are one of the leading bio fertilizer manufacturers in Indonesia,having a state art manufacturing facility. We produce granule and liquid fertilizers. They 100% safe environment friendly. consist more than 4 strain useful bacteria (Azospirillum sp., Azotobacter Rhizobium sp. ...

    Telephone:62 - 21 - 84302093Address:Raffles Hills City Walk Block LT No. 18, Cibubur Jakarta Jakarta 12013 Indonesia

  • UD Sumber Alam Internusa

    We are an exclusive agent in Indonesia supplying cocoa beans, black pepper, cloves, vanilla, hardwood charcoal, green robusta coffee beans etc.

    Telephone:62 - 877 - 77833876Address:Jl. Raya Kedung Halang, Villa Bogor Indah 3 Bogor Jawa Barat Indonesia

  • Pt. Asia Pacific Markoi Indonasia

    We want to introduce ourselves as a worldwide commodity trading company which settled in Jakarta Indonesia. We supply Tapioca Chips, kopi luwak, fish meal. hope that this introduction become good beginning for us have the cooperation one another. If you any question, please do not hesitate ...

    Telephone:62 - 821 - 1111776Address:Jl. Pluit Karang Jelita Nlok R4 Timur No.18, Muara Karang Jakarta Jakarta 14450 Indonesia

  • Goldwin Trading

    we have Nutmeg grade 1 (for EU market)  from Sulawesi, Siau. It;s our family business, we collect them directly from the farmers and no 3rd party involved. price wise is highly negotiable. if you need for product, please do contact me Benny Chen 0060192738877 ( Kuala Lumpur ) ...

    Telephone:60 - 19 - 2738877Address:7t floor Wisma Cosmic no.33 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur FT Indonesia

  • PT. Mulia Agro Lestari

    Please let me know what EC21 offering and what i can do with EC21 for offer of my product, also what i can look for for every product in EC21 catalogue

    Telephone:62 - 536 - 3238178Address:Jl. Seriti I, No. 110 Palangka Raya Kalimantan Tengah 73112 Indonesia

  • PT. Viena Trans Mandiri

    PT VIENA TRANS MANDIRI, is an Indonesian company formed and registered as LTD on March 2nd, 2003, operating out of East Jakarta. Thanks to a direct connection Jakarta ring way , the Jakarta  International  Airport Seaport course also Viena Trans ...

    Telephone:62 - 021 - 86612995Address:jl. raden inten II No 7H2 Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur Jakarta Timur DKI Jakarta 13440 Indonesia

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