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  • Business Type : 2
  • Location : Binhai, Jiangshu
  • Year Established : 1989
  • Main Markets : Cationic dyestuff
  • Main Products : Cationic Yellow, Cationic Red, Cationic Blue, Cationic Black, Paper Dyes,Dispersed Type Cationic Dyes, Cationic Anti-discharge Dyes, Cationic White Discharge Dyes,
  • Country/Region : China
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Company Introduction

We would like to take the liberty to introduce our factory: Torch dyestuff company specialized in producing cationic(Basic) dyestuff for more than 30years in China. Our products include: 1) Cationic Dyes 2) Disperse type cationic dyes 3) Cationic anti-discharge dyes 4) Cationic whithe discharge dyes 5) Paper dyes (Liquid) For more details, you could check our website: As a professional manufacturer of cationic dyes,Our mainly products are cationic dyes,See Below product List: Cationic Golden Yellow X-GL(Y-28) Cationic Yellow X-8GL(Y-13) Cationic Yellow X-5GL(Y-51) Cationic Yellow 10GFF(Y-40) Cationic Brill Red 5GN(R-14) Cationic Red X-GRL(R-46) Cationic Turquoise Blue GB(B-3) Cationic Blue X-GRRL(B-41:1) Cationic Blue X-GRL(B-41) Cationic Blue X-BL(B-159) Cationic Black Cationic Red GTL(R-18) Cationic Red 3R(V-16) 1,3,3-trimethyl-2-methylene indoline(95%) 2-(formylmenthylene)-1,3,3-trimethylindole(aldehyde) 98% P-DIETHYL AMINO BENZALDEHYDE 98% N-METHYL-N-CYANOETHYL-4-AMINO BENZALDEHYDE 98% Besides, we also import some kinds of dyestuff and auxiliaries for domestic market use. If you have any interest to do business with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. Your early feedback would be highly appreciated by us. Thank you so much and looking forward to your early message. Helen,Wang Torch Dyestuff E-MAIL: [email protected] Mob:0086-13588177430 Cationic Dyes Cationic dye is a kind of alkaline dye and is successfully developed on the fundamental of the alkaline dyes. It dyes the fiber through the binding of its cation ion to the acidic group in the third monomer with of the acrylon, thus leading to high fastness. Dyeing retarding agent is often added to improve the dyeing properties. Cationic dye is the dedicated dye for dying acrylic fiber. It can also be used to modify the dyeing and printing of polyester and nylon. It is mainly used for dyeing polyacrylonitrile fibers. Paper Liquid dyes also can be used in paper dying. Cationic dyes are also known as basic dyes, and when dissolved in water cationic dyes acts like base. Cationic dyes forms bright shades with high tinctorial values, on fabric and textile materials. Cationic dyes are mainly used on acrylic fibers. They can also be used for dyeing and printing of polyester along with anionic modified synthetic fibers. Cationic dyes also find their application in dyeing of silk and wool fiber. But mainly cationic dyes are considered as dedicated dyes for acrylic fibers. Cationic dyes are available in in powder as well as liquid form. Commercially cationic dyes are synthesized by condensation or by azo coupling reactions. Cationic dyes are not used on the cotton fibers as there is neither significant affinity nor there is planar structure. Cationic dyes are commercially available in numerous colors, shades and also poses fluorescent nature. Cationic dyes show strong affinity towards wool, silk and acrylic fibers, but have no affinity towards cellulosic. By using modifiers cationic dyes can be used for dyeing of cellulosic. Cationic dyes are considered to be economical which makes them a popular choice in the textile as well as dyeing industry.

Contact Information

  • Contact Person : Binhai Torch Technology Co,.Ltd
  • Department : Sales
  • Job Title : 3
  • Telephone : 0515-84383253
  • Mobilephone : 008613588177430
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