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  • Summer Lamzak

    with our Sleeping Air Bed Lamzac, your dreams are anywhere, anytime. Enjoy it at homeSimply fill air, if chair, is sofa, bed. If you don't need it, just let the air go and fold bag put away, would not take place all. As a much softer than normal one. good for kids' playingAs bed, sleep ...

    Telephone:380 - 9564003 - 98Address:Bolgarska 12 Odessa, Odessa

  • Mire Lamzac

    With our Sleeping Air Bag Lamzac, your dreams are anywhere, anytime. Enjoy it at home Simply fill with air, if chair, is sofa, bed. If you don't need it, just let the air go and fold bag put away, would not take place all. As a much softer than normal one. good for kids' playingAs bed, sleep ...

    Telephone:380 - 9564003 - 98Address:Bolgarska 23 Odessa, Odessa

  • LOT Ltd.

    We started our activity in 1996 as a small software developping company and today we have several branches of activity, among which you will find development, assembly installation Access Control Systems, CCTV, Pay-Pass equipment. Having analysed the current market situation, saw that ...

    Telephone:380 - 57 - 7142288Address:Blagoeva Str., 17 Kharkov,

  • Petrocom Ltd

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    Telephone:380 - 66 - 74*****Address:r. Geroev 40 / 340 Dnepropetrovsk,

  • Kiyv Muay Thai Federatio

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 41*****Address:Koroliova, 5 Kyiv,

  • BS Diver

    Our company sell diving equipment about Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belorussia, Baltic contr. ets. We sell best quality diving equipment only with our logo BS Diver

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 49*****Address:Malaya Arnautskaya 11/5 Odessa,

  • Poltavalitprom

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    Telephone:380 - 95 - 5704228Address:treet Donetsk, Donetsk st.

  • Medicine Sho

    We are a legal company in Ukraine with the authorization to supply growth hormone and body building products all parts of world.We have been operating for 11 years we good prescription experience.We guide our clients on how they need take their drugs.Contact us you will never regret it. ...

    Telephone:380 - 990252 - 454Address:Krichatic Kiev, Kiev

  • Store Nutrition Co.Plc

    We are most reliable medication provider for generic drugs without prescription. We provide the over 1000 best generic products with lowest price

    Telephone:380 - 62 - 3355427Address:9, Ulitsa 1-ya Aleksandrovka Donetsk, Donetsk

  • Golf Trip Junkie

    Golf Trip Junkie is a leading provider of customized and luxurious golf vacation packages including Scotland vacations, Myrtle Beach deals, Hilton head Pinehurst at the most competitive prices. Their main objective to provide wonderful trip experience customers.They have been very ...

    Telephone:877 - 634 - 0790Address:1712 Pioneer Ave., Suite 728 Cheyenne, WY

  • Woodrover

    Telephone:+38 - 066 - 2900711Address:Kyivska Vyshneve,


    Naval vessels, aircrafts, armor, weapon, air defence«Impulse-2» has been in global arms market for many years, the company holds State licence. «Impulse-2» successfully combines traditional choice quality of Russian gun smithing and advanced developments armaments, ...

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 9291143Address:Building 29 Vakulenchuka Street Sevastopol, Crimea

  • Green Company

    Dear Sirs!Green company ltd. was established in 2009. We are engaged recycling of empty plastic PET bottles. Our factory placed Mariupol, east Ukraine.The has the license Ministry ecology and environment Ukraine series AB № 487630 from 10/29/2009. sell our products on markets Ukraine, ...

    Telephone:380 - 98 - 31*****Address:Volgodonskaya 2 Mariupol, Donestk

  • Pta Ltd

    Our company's main products are cellulose, starch, modified lignin, oil, fatty acid, oil deep processing products, resin, rosin, pectin, essential extract, red pigment, yellow other plant extract of renewable resources. Our company has six sales departments and a comparatively perfect ...

    Telephone:380 - 998 - 9800847Address:Aterma street 23 kiev, wester

  • Sm-visio

    ituated in center of Ukraine,1,5 hecter of land,47 staff.we have eropien pet flakes producing line with capacity of 250 tonnes per month

    Telephone:380 - 66 - 0816335Address:tobolska 42, office-406/1 kharkov, kharkov

  • Malina LImited


    Telephone:380 - 567 - 87654765Address:1 BEAUCHAMP COURT  BARNET , HERTFORDSHIRE

  • LLC Eco-Krug

    TradeVerify Let me introduce myself. We are a small processing plant in Ukraine. And is engaged in the processing and production of PET flakes white blue and green. Our capacity is 150 tons per month flex.

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 6983903Address:Frunze 62 Kiev, Ukraine

  • Vasilenko

    Trading and recycling company. We ready to supply all kind of PET products: film curt off, film in roll, flakes, corrects,lumps and ect. We based in Ukraine.

    Telephone:380 - 96 - 5837167Address:chemical 1 Odessa, Odessa

  • MTC-Zaporozhye

    Dear Sirs,We would like to present ourselves as one of the biggest distributors wheels and castors for industrial, institutional home applications in Ukraine. We are very interested such products - pneumatic rubber (10'', 13'', 14'', ...

    Telephone:380 - 612 - 1*****Address:ul.Magistralnaya, 100-A Zaporozhye,

  • Nelson Co.

    The company work in advertising, and my clients is the biggest alcoholic& food companys in the country

    Telephone:380 - 50 - 93*****Address:Turgenevskaya, str, 71. Kiev, Kiev

  • Petrovka Beauty and Care

    dear consumer petrovka beauty and care is a company created in the year 2013 and located in odessa region ukraine we offers for long term good quality Brazilian Hair has new exiting concurentiels price. for more information contact u

    Telephone:380 - 639178 - 432Address:gargarina odessa,

  • Heno Shopping Ltd

    we are one of the biggest company in Europe in the supply of grizzly rooster feather hair of all different colour and thin seizes and of any desig

    Telephone:380 - 63 - 6957825Address:Sumskaya street kharkiv, kharkiv

  • Lubetek Napki

    Lubetek Napkins Distribution LTD was formed in 2003 with it's head office Warsaw. Our commercial office, as well main warehouse, are placed Bialystok. We have another warehouse Czarna Bialostocka, total area occupies 6200 m2. It takes more than 5200 pallete places. of FMCG (brand food ...

    Telephone:380 - 502 - 952576Address:Kherson Dzerzhinskogo street, 12, Kherson,, Kherson, Ukraine

  • Kombi Ltd

    "Factory KOMBI" was established as perfumery and cosmetics manufacturing company in 1992. Ever since our has been working hard to gain recognition satisfy demands of men women Ukraine far beyond its borders. Currently, appears be modern, effective with powerful production basis, own ...

    Telephone:380 - 68 - 2343434Address:12a Petr Degtyarenko Str. Kiev, Ukraine

  • MDM Llc

    Telephone:380 - 99 - 1294914Address:Kirova street, Pashkivka Makariv area, Kyiv regio

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