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  • IVS Technology Co., Ltd.

    Telephone: 82-10-99126971


    Telephone: 82-70-78372924

  • Argus Inc.

    Leading Korea Manufacturer of CCTV, standalone DVR, car-blackbox, etc. 2010.05. Inaugurated C.E.O S.L.NOH 2009.08 Inaugurated K.J.CHEON 2009.06 Selected national policy theme by Ministry knowledge economy (SoC for intelligent black box with SDF)2008.11 (SoC multi channel IVS) ...

    Telephone: 82-1035038253Address:1624-8, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu

  • Orbiz Cor

    Telephone: 82-10-23672262Address:#14010 Lotte IT Castle, Digitial 2-Ro,Geumcheon-Gu

  • Campion CCTV

    We, the SECUREAN Corporations would like gratefully inform our highly respected international customers about launching CAMPION Brand CCTV products as new, pioneer and high technology product series in field of security industries.Our guarantee to quality Our is backed many years ...

    Telephone: 82-70 4-2246817Address:201, Free Zone B/D 383-7, Simgok dong , Wonmi-gu, Buchon city, Gyounggi do, S. Korea.(ZIP: 420-827)

  • Hitecom System

    We are one of the most reputable company which has been manufacturing & exporting all kinds system devices for ITS(intelligence Transportation system) other SI system. And also specialize in electric power control&monitoring for equipment at industry and traffic sites Our products have ...

    Telephone: 82-839-8071Address:6F Kolon-technovalley 60-4, Gasan-Dong, Geumcheon-Gu Seoul, Seoul

  • UTiSS Co., Ltd.

    UTiSS Co., Ltd. was established in 2002, with mottos such as "Creation of New Technology Customer's needs", and has developed & realized the optimum Security Safety System. In spite short history company, most advanced Digital Video Recorders Integrated Solutions, along ...

    Telephone: 82-2-5480388Address:202, Eunsung Bldg. , 240-14, Nonhyun-Dong, Kangnam-Gu

  • Sungshin Electric Co., Ltd.

    Welcome ! Welcome to our e-catalog home.Here you can find information about our products. You can also send us inquiries and post comments about our company and products. We hope you enjoy your visit.

    Telephone: 82-031-4580071Address:694-23, Keumjung-Dong


    Telephone: 82-2-26188651Address:173-16, kochokdong, kuro-ku

  • Techmove Electronic

    Telephone: 82-02-412-8088Address:11-9,Sincheon-dong ,Songpa-gu

  • Bu Yang Electonic Industry Co., Ltd.

    Telephone: 82-032-565-8191Address:425,Cheongcheon-dong ,Bupyeong-gu

  • Tovis Co., Ltd.

    On behalf of Tovis, I would like to express our deepest gratitude toward you.We as mankind have used a multitude visual equipment in daily lives and will continue do so.We can see wherever we go, whether are at home, behind the wheel, or walking down street. It has demonstrated prominent ...

    Telephone: 82-033-763-2125Address:393-6, Neungan-ri, Heungeop-myeon, Wonju-shi

  • Oic Korea

    ORION Images Corporation (OIC) leads the industry in design and development of commercial grade LCD monitors certified for use demanding 24/7/365 operation. Built our ISO 9001 factory OIC are designed to meet diverse needs CCTV, Pro A/V Commercial users. Our manufacturing facility is located ...

    Telephone: 82-32-5519484Address:868-3 Jakjun-Dong


    Dear customers and new visitors, Thank you very much for your glancing at our brief introduction. We, NK Electronics located in Korea has been providing professional & Competitive CCTV Security Cameras related products to globalPartners. With its accumulated technology experience, we will ...

    Telephone: 82-2-8061611Address:C17-208. Siheung Yutong Sangga. 984

  • Tmi Co., Ltd.

    TMI Co.,LTD were established in Busan, Korea and based on design & manufacture with professional know-how for the Measuring Instrument System. Our company's goal is to be a leading company measuring detection device further-developed system that contribute keep safety.Our focus ...

    Telephone: 82-51-8310080Address:#1735-1, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu

  • Namsong Industrial Co., Ltd.

    We are manufacturer of CCTV monitor and want to supply our qualified monitor to customer.Please contact at any time and we will reply quickly & kindly.Thanks and best regard

    Telephone: 82-031-499-2691-5Address:1267-8,Jeongwang-dong ,Siheung-si


    We have developed "Multi-functional Digital Matrix 4 and 8 channels for CCTV & Broadcast" the first time in world.This new multi-functional high technology Controller mixed by "HDMI Quad + HDMI Switcher Semimatrix Function " controls monitors 4~8 Device systems, ...

    Telephone: 82-10-71382667

  • Hankwang/Korea Optic

    We are leading manuacturer & exporter for all kinds of Lens for CCTV Camera System and lens of Vision Sytem in Korea since 2002. If you interested, please contact to us .Best regard

    Telephone: 82-16-3207659Address:#202-F-2 villa jungang heights,kumidong81 bundangku

  • HanKwang Opto Cor

    Han-Kwang Opto Ltd, we are one of leading manufacturers high quality Lenses for Automotive, CCTV, medical & machine vision Camera having enjoyed fair reputation in Overseas and domestic market as well since 1976 Korea. Currently we're focusing on Mega-pixel or High Resolution lenses ...

    Telephone: 82-32-5777659Address:563-4, Shipjung-Dong, Bupyung-Gu

  • Daivx.Co.,Ltd

    Telephone: 82-10-27123173Address:4F, Singyo Bldg, 70-10, Singyo-dong, Jongno-gu

  • Servntec

    Telephone: 82-2-26144048Address:715 Gasan dong

  • Oyto Co., Ltd.

    Established in 2001, OYTO is a leading DVR Board Manufacturer Koreawith its own excellent digital image processing technology and know-how.It holds differentiated core solution based on the highly advanced FPGA design technology, it has developed such high performance real-time products, ...

    Telephone: 82-31-8007-7400Address:958 Gosaek-dong Venture Valley Rm. 817, Gwonseon-gu

  • Visionite Inc.

    Visionite Co.,Ltd. was established in Apr. 2000 by expert engineers camera field and manufacturer Korea. Our top-notch have over 12 years experience the design producing of these security systems. Base on our technology & experience, we developed, manufactured supplied such as cameras ...

    Telephone: 82-02-2661-0112Address:4F Yeolin Building,Banghwa-dong ,Gangseo-gu

  • Safeland Inc.

    Over last 10 years, safeland has been operating with its goal focused on the security industry.Through our long successful experience in distributions and constructions, is determined to create a product that reflects requirement of customers.In order actualize goal, we have established ...

    Telephone: 82-2-895-0312Address:2nd Fl,1003-9 Doksan-dong

  • innacle-it

    Our company supplies the DVR BOARDs and Video Server to the Korea domestic market now. We want to sale our boards in worldwide market. Maybe you satisfy for the performance and price of our products. If you have more interest, please contact

    Telephone: 82-866-7992Address:Gasan-Dong 60-24 World Merdian Venture Center 1107

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