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    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-602-2814259Address:92-516 PUSZKINA ST. 82


    Telephone: 48-619-6489201

  • Simex Ltd.

    SIMEX Ltd. specializes in advising on, designing and suppling industrial automation systems to the industry. We offer: - Designing of systems-from simple few measuring points more sophisticated advanced control systems, Assembling supplying instruments-our own meters (electronic ...

    Telephone: 48-58-762-07-77Address:Wielopole 7


    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-22-2195869Address:UL. Pulawska 102 / 145

  • Automajster

    Telephone: 0048-693-287750Address:M


    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-34-3201825Address:Fabryczna 4

  • Bongo

    We are new company, born from an advertising agency. Knowing the market, and now offering promotional gadgets of special kind - creative gadgets. Looking for good partners, who can guarantee best prices, short times, proffesional service. Poland is a big market(over40 million people) we know ...

    Telephone: 48-33-658-32-75Address:Zawoja 578

  • Interspaw

    Year of establish: 1994. Importer and exporter of industrial goods for East Europa markets; mainly for metal processing industry and sanitary. Now we are looking for new products to be imported for our customers.

    Telephone: 48-22-6783541Address:Rzeczna 6


    Telephone: 48-883-119868


    Telephone: 0048-42-3072717

  • akobi

    Trading company with metals non ferrous and moulds for injection moulding machines Markets: Europe and far east Cooperation with chinese customers and european suppliers Service: Advicing for european companies

    Telephone: 48-22-658 1113Address:Grojecka

  • Unchisa LTD

    ECOSCRAP LTD With strong technical force and years of production experience. Understanding our customers, we care about the future business. Up to today, with reasonable price good quality, all products sell well in international marketing. We want ensure that you get service, only high ...

    Telephone: 48-959-439020Address:UL. POWSTANCOW SLASKICH 70 Warsaw, WARSZAWA

  • Advanced Graphene Product

    Advanced Graphene Products Sp. z o.o. is a nanotechnological endeavour founded in 2012. We are producer and supplier of the highest quality large-area graphene - HSMG High Strength Metallurgical Graphene.AGP spin-off company from Lodz University Technology. Thanks to our cooperation with ...

    Telephone: 48-68-577500279

  • Retailton Sp. Z O.O.

    We produce stell products , such as Fe granules, Fe briquettes. We sell iron slug, our stock is around 2 milion tons.

    Telephone: 0048-0-531155555Address:Łączna 39 Ostrowiec Sw., Swietokrzyskie

  • tsrecyclscra

    Telephone: 23-654-78932165Address:jeronhug cerene plot 32

  • Makamex

    MAKAMEX is a Polish company that trades on secondary-materials-market since 1990. We are interested in importing and exporting selected ferrous and nonferrous metal scrap. We are a manufacturer of granular aluminum.

    Telephone: 48-12-2760390 Address:Pilsudskiego 23

  • CBS Polska

    The offer on preparation of project wind power station about to 5MWto permission building in PolandI represent our the proposals for State projects stations 5MW. We frames lower passed price following ranges realization service: a) Choice and opinion location under regard windb) Signature ...

    Telephone: 48-505-338507Address:karczewska 57

  • LORA

    Telephone: 48-61-9234875Address:ul Polna 23

  • Gelios Sp. Z O. O.

    Our company is registered in poland. The basic kind of activity extraction and reconstruction pipes was the use. Basic diameters constantly available us a warehouse following: 73mm, 152mm, 159mm, 219mm, 273mm, 325mm, 425mm, 530mm, 630mm, 720mm, 1220mm, 1420mm, 1620mm, 1820mm, 2200mm. ...

    Telephone: 48-509-137394Address:Wierzbiecice 37a3

  • quot;KARUC"

    Telephone: 48-600013876Address:Grunwaldzka

  • P.W. LS-PLUS

    Telephone: 48-660794760

  • Tom Smo

    Telephone: 48-512-222240

  • Marcin Brymora

    Telephone: 0048-34-3411648Address:Cmentarna 25


    With our pleasure, we would like to introduce ourselves as a company from Poland specializing in manufacturing, processing and exporting of highly demanded dolomite. Dolomite A) MgO:68.03% CaO:25.28% Al2O3:0.45% Fe2O3:4.36% SiO2:1.45% L. O. I:0.43% B) MgO:54.04% ...

    Telephone: 48-74-8450941Address:Kolejowa 1


    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 48-68-4141875Address:Chwalim 49