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  • Indacom S.A.S.

    We are a factory located in Italy that produce compatible printer comsumable for printer like HP, SAMSUNG, EPSON, LEXMARK etc. etc.

    Telephone:0039 - 091 - 5*****Address:Via Vincenzo Fuxa, 10 Palermo, Italy

  • Intech Automazione Srl

    Intech Automazione Srl, an Italy-based industrial automation distributor, was founded in 1989 from humble local beginnings and has since grown to become a prolific one-stop multibrand distributor of products components.Focusing on the distribution wide range like sensors, transducers, ...

    Telephone:39 - 031 - 3523411Address:Via della Cerca , 23 Lurago Marinone, Como

  • Control HTP srl

    Control HTP srl is located 20Km North of Milan (ITALY). It was founded on 1981 and, since then, the mission Company has been produce high-tech products for applications.After more than 25 years, recognized by its Customers as an innovation-driven Company, lead Italian technical know-how and ...

    Telephone:0039 - 039 - 68*****Address:Via del Lavoro Usmate,

  • AEG Elettra: Low Voltage & Electrical Device

    We distribute electrical devices, automations, cabinets, contactors, relays, circuit breakers, inverters, switchboards, panels, modular motor starters, push buttons, electromechanical and low voltage equipment, manual softstarters, control accessories. AEG Elettra has a primary ...

    Telephone:39 - 49 - 8075544Address:VII Strada, 7 - Zona Industriale Nord Padova, PD

  • Eurocryor Spa - Food Refrigerated Displays - Refrigeration Equipment

    Telephone:39 - 429 - 707000Address:Viale delle Industrie Solesino, PD

  • P.G.R. srl

    Dear Sirs, We would like to present ourselves you. We are maker of electrical plug inserts. At we produce inserts for almost world market European, Asian, South American, Israelian and Australian. have had certificate ISO9002 since 1997 a lot our products VDE approved. able carry out special ...

    Telephone:39 - 141 - 477025Address:via lavoro, 122 ASTI, Italy

  • Co.E.M. SpA

    Company:CO.E.M. S.p.A. -Italy- (see:wwwCoemSpa.com) is a company in the electromechanical field ISO 9001 qualified that designs and produces substations MV LV panels (Air or SF6 insulated) for distribution transformation of electricity. The prefabricated conform to CEI EN 61330 norms are ...

    Telephone:39 - 95 - 7484035Address:Str. Pelacane, 2 CT, CT

  • Blink S.r.l.

    We are a trading company especially working in the filed of home appliances. We are interested in any components (electrical) suitable for household appliances.

    Telephone:39 - 2 - 3*****Address:Piazza dei Volontari, 4 Milano, Lombardia

  • Vallorani

    Electric control panels for motors and pumps needed italian marketComplete with thermal protection contactors level switchesLow cost inverters, soft starters, remote GSM controls, radio actuators electric up to 100 kw or more.This valid request only real Iso 9001 manufacturing certified ...

    Telephone:39 - 380 - 39*****Address:c.da CAMERA 41  fermo, a

  • Rosilsport srl

    Viadeogames Street Operator and seller. We operate in te north of Italy from 1954. We have two different activities. 1'st strett operator videogames in public cafe', and 2' we sell to street operators.

    Telephone:39 - 2 - 660*****Address:via diaz 47 cinisello balsamo, milano

  • Adermek srl

    ADERMEK SRL is acknowledged in its market sector as a specialist the manufacture and supply of electric pumps accessories for water,because 40 years accrued experience with management staff.Our high-skilled staff, carefully select all products (made Italy) guarantee top-quality ...

    Telephone:39 - 522 - 341011Address:Via F.Juvara,6 Fogliano Reggio Emilia,

  • Simac Vetrella

    under construction - under construction - under construction - under construction - under construction - under construction -

    Telephone:39 - 422 - 7*****Address:via Serenissima n.32 Gorgo al Monticano, Treviso

  • Soga SpA

    SOGA SPA is an Italian manufacturer of single and three phase asynchronous motors, motors with centrifugal switch, special on request, brake for bridge cranes, water polishing machines, flat dual speed hollow shaft pressure washer pumps generators. THE SOLUTION YOU NEED IS OUR JOB ! ...

    Telephone:39 - 444 - 747722Address:via della Tecnica 15 Montecchio Maggiore, (VI)

  • Ventoesole

    distribution of solar power gadget trough Italian market. Our goal is to promote renewable energies and explain their functioning with everyday use small items.+

    Telephone:39 - 2 - 957*****Address:Via uffizio dei grani,15 Livorno, Livorno

  • Y.E.G. S.R.L.

    We produced in Italy, Lissone (Milan) water treatment Machine direct flow without stockage, 60 to 120 liters for hour. Osmoaldegani italian design have a: -Anti-Flooding system -Autowash filters with Led indicator -Counter -CE certificate ...

    Telephone:0039 - 39 - 24*****Address:Via Giacomo Matteotti, 8 Lissone, Milano

  • Comet Srl

    COMET S.r.l, heat engineering and hydraulics in hopes products. Air heaters, house industry heating, hydraulic power units, valve groups. Fifty years of experience technologically advanced products with guaranteed reliability high performance. Flexible productive system, customised ...

    Telephone:39 - 49 - 625788Address:Via Torquato Tasso, 6 Noventa Padovana, Padova

  • Skylax S.R.L.

    manufacturers of portable aluminium ladders, portable folding stairs, insulating ladders, stepladders, folding stool

    Telephone:39 - 432 - 951366Address:Via Del Mulino 33 Coseano, Udine

  • Comel


    Telephone:39 - 2 - 32031*****Address:via F.MEDA 11 RHO, MILANO

  • Dega Spa

    auxilliary equipment factory.Production plant in Italy and China.Please visti our web site or contact us for more informatio

    Telephone:39 - 30 - 9*****Address:largo del lavoro 4 iseo, brescia

  • Opportunity Pro Co.

    We are commercial company from Nothern Italy, we offer a wide range of italian products, including food and beverages, wines, spirits, dairy, pasty pastry products; Home, office storeroom furnishings; Ferrous non-ferrous metals, alloys; Mechanic machines devices, cooling, heating air ...

    Telephone:39 - 0471 - 324235Address:alto adige 13 bolzano,

  • Itatrade

    ItaTrade is an Import company based in Italy, Among many products we aim to find a water Ionizer manufacturer order establish working reletionship import, sale and market their Ionizers. We look forward talking youOur best regardsItatrade S.R.L.Rome, Italy ...

    Telephone:39 - 331 - 33*****Address:via Dess�40 rome, italy

  • Auttech

    Auttech is a small company that sell factory automation components like ; photoelectric sensor, proximity sensors, vision sensors, ionizer, PLC��.

    Telephone:39 - 011 - 98*****Address:Via Amerano 40 None, TO


    Since 1963, the Italian Tre 창��C창��-Everwatt Group srl, based in Segrate, Milan, Italy, has been manufacturing ELECTRICAL HEATERS AND HEATING ELEMENTS for all industrial fields of appliance like air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration, chemical and oil, oleo dynamic, ...

    Telephone:39 - 02 - 2132078Address:Via Cuneo, 10/12 Segrate, Lombardia, Mila


    Promotech S.r.l. is a marketplace leading specialist for the distribution of eletrical products used in industrial automation.Thanks to our deep understanding problematic aspects production processes we have evolved an important point reference many groups which operate fields such as ...

    Telephone:0039 - 335 - 52*****Address:via del brennero, 1040BA PRESSO PROMOTECH SRL Lucca, lucca

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