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  • Co.Gex. Srl

    our company do trade and sell in italy . we have also some shop in italy . we work in the agricolture department and livestoc from 1975. bye

    Telephone:39 - 41 - 4*****Address:via frattin 6  gardigiano di scorze', venice

  • WheelsBike

    Dear Sirs,COMPANY PROFILEWheelsbike is an italian brand and maker of wheels for race use as ROAD MTB.Products are real 100% Made in Italy starting from the best selectionof raw material not a common assembled components purchased bythe trade chain. Range product has been studied to satisfy ...

    Telephone:39 - 346 - 3868715Address:Via Viviani 44 Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza

  • Xtenni

    Telephone:39 - 02 - 33912533Address:via budrio 40 milano,

  • Parasail

    arasail,parasailling,boat,banana boat,paracadute ascensionale,barche per paracadute ascensionale,bananoni.

    Telephone:39 - 331 - 21*****Address:via Nuova 6 Cerreto d'Asti, ITALY

  • Setgo Sports International

    The Setgo company has leading contribution and rich experience in manufacturing international standard football sports products of all kinds i.e. Soccer Ball, Hand Salla Indoor Rugby Volley Mini Ball & different, size, weight, quality, Design Panel products, wear, gloves, track suits which ...

    Telephone:39 - 389 - 5163992Address:Via Crispi Bolzano, Bz

  • Cuancian Pealakui

    New products with best quality and best price in good business.If interested please click Contact supplier.

    Telephone:39 - 81 - 9205169Address:Via ss felice e costanza 7 Nocera Inferiore Salerno, Italy

  • FAS S.p.A.

    Telephone:0039 - 0382 - 483494Address:Via della Meccanica, 18 - Loc. Prado Cura Carpignano , PV

  • PFU-Ecocentro

    We are tyre factory recycling plant located in center Italy.We can supply Shredded tyre Uncured rubber SBR Uncured ButylUncured EPDM

    Telephone:39 - 339 - 4172623Address:Statale Ausente N. 15/17 Santi Cosma e Damiano, Latina


    Company is specilized on Adhesive tape. We want to buy MOPP for handle.Our production consider also labels (adhesives and not) every kind of tapes and security tape. We also process special shrink PET and BOO film for sleeves.

    Telephone:39 - 0571 - 9701*****Address:via val d'Elsa S.P. 10 Z.I. TERRAFINO  Empoli,

  • Venturini Srl

    Our company was founded in 1974 primarily as a metal moulding firm. Some 4 years later it started to produce plastic ABS squeegees (already present on the Belgian market).The entrepreneurial idea winning one and replaced version completely. while iron processing reduced parts required (for ...

    Telephone:39 - 0721 - 282317Address:Via Divisione Legnano 4 Pesaro, PU

  • Andrea Ardenti

    We can offer regular deliveries of LDPE/ LLDPE film in bales in quality 98/2 .LDPE film is collected from shopping centres and packaging and is convinient for recycling purposes. We would be pleased to receive inquiries for this material.

    Telephone:39 - 347 - 2407438Address:Via Catania, 18 Catania, ITALY

  • Appolo Metal Scra

    Our company is well established, we manufacture and export all kinds of scraps materials. In 2012 expanded production to certified items as sales were increased by 18%. Upon adding co2 extracts our in 2012, annual have been reaching an average increase 24%. main customers are from: South ...

    Telephone:39 - 090 - 99874646Address:Via Roundoni 1 Milano, Italy

  • Polyrann SRL

    We can Provide you Plastic Scrap,interested buyer should contact us and make Inquiry of Our product, we can Supply you in Large quantities.

    Telephone:39 - 212 - 4542567Address:4 Via Antonio Locatelli 24020 castione, Italy

  • Mammarella Srl


    Telephone:39 - 338 - 9393945Address:via G.Verdi Brugherio, Italia

  • Forplex Srl

    Forplex srl is located in Italy as a producer of Polyamide regenerated 6-66. We produce 400 ton per month, PA black,natural,colored,filled,unfilled etc.Please send all your request

    Telephone:39 - 0161 - 394010Address:Tangenziale sud 72 Vercelli, Italy

  • T.EC. Srl

    T.EC. Ltd., namely Transformation and Compound, is a limited company was established during 2007."Tecompound" specialized in trading preparation of materials for compounds.Currently, TEC offers several services to plants plastic recuperators.Our suppliers distribute ...

    Telephone:39 - 0721 - 1626736Address:via del lavoro -loc. pian di rose sant'ippolito, italy

  • Pubbligraf

    tudio grafico, insegnistica, stampa grande formato stampa digitale, plotter roland , xerox 7760 , ecc..

    Telephone:39 - 0941 - 7*****Address:via monaci 16 sant'agata militello, italy

  • Bericoplast SpA - Contract Plastic Seat

    Bericoplast is a contract manufacturer of uni-shell seats and plastic shells for sport stadium halls, collectivity, offices, hospitals hotels. We design produce obtained by injection moulding thermo-plastic materials. The complete range products has been submitted to strict tests ...

    Telephone:39 - 444 - 400738Address:Via A. Pacinotti, 9/11 Brendola, Vicenza


    TradeVerify We trade rubber, silicone orings and gaskets and housewares (spatulas, bakeware accessories) articles.

    Telephone:39 - 35 - 44*****Address:Via Firenze, 9a CHIUDUNO,

  • Rosa Ricci

    vc shrink longitudinal monoriented foils. aluminium foils to be used in accordance with pvc and tobe printed.

    Telephone:39 - 338 - 97*****Address:via colfiorito 12 monterotondo, roma

  • Interrec

    INTERREC is an enterprise located in the South of Italy (near Bari) operating gathering hand processing secondary raw materials from industrial and consumer markets (non hazadous waste). The most part are: plastic LDPE transparent color.It selected, clean, dry, without dust, pressed ready ...

    Telephone:39 - 80 - 3963215Address:monte pasubio, 6 bisceglie, bari

  • Ricap Srl

    Ri.cap srl is a young company, founded in 2000 near Taranto, city of Apulia. We produce shrinkable films capsules for wine and oil bottling sector. Capsules are produced with monoriented longitudinal, non-toxic pvc panels; they can be coloured transparent, metallized both polish as dull. ...

    Telephone:39 - 99 - 9561580Address:via trieste 4 fragagnano, taranto

  • Bespoke Italia

    Bespoke is the leader company in professional Made Italy hair care line and dyes. Since its establishment twently years ago, has always planned, created tested high-quality products, especially designed for Salons worldwide. The DreamOn represents strenght of Bespoke, because it 100% ...

    Telephone:0039 - 081 - 19330624Address:Galleria Umberto I 50 Naples , Italy

  • krissandra

    manufacturers of toiletries -personal care products seeking for distributors-soap- shampoo- deodorants- bath foam- shower foam- liquid soap.Krissandra?iscalinet.it

    Telephone:39 - 2 - 98264069Address:via cavour 1 sordio, lo

  • Chez Britney

    we are the leading suppliers of glutax and other italian producing face creams. we have fast delivery and good qality. and we supply only original product

    Telephone:39 - 865 - 787466Address:71, 80127, Naples, Italy naples,

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