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  • Guangzhou Young Co.,Ltd

    Guangzhou Young Co.,Ltd is a premier manufacturer of PVC and PMMA edge banding supplier film ,furniture board ,hot melt adhesive to the furniture markets. offers full line accessories:edge in variety colors(solid,woodgarin,high ...

    Telephone: 86-20-38936742Address:Room 812.No:668 Shatai South Road, aiyun District


    LEDTEK is a privately owned company starting in 2004. We design and manufacture customized active traffic signs for roads highways also industry minery. utilize state of the art electronic components sourced from various locations world. ...

    Telephone: 56-2-5709067Address:Camino El Alba 8680 D. 901

  • Comercial Mave S.a.

    Telephone: 0056-232-446860

  • Cursalchile

    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 56-2-5814658Address:Avda Portugal 551

  • Cursalchile Ltda

    Cursalchile Ltda. Works with ecological responsibility. We believe individual choices and small changes to our lifestyles can positively effect environment improve it. Chile is the leading exporter of Atlantic salmon (salt) in captivity balanced production throughout year. The skin a ...

    Telephone: 56-2-2724696Address:Duble Almeyda 4545, Dpt. 412


    Currently we are placing products from South America, into developed markets. Our main assets our insights and solid contacts in the American arena as well understanding of needs North Also, enthusiasm team, which is constantly looking for opportunities order to deliver clients with best ...

    Telephone: 56-9-94696145Address:La Invernada 7092, VITACURA

  • Haciendas Mateo

    Telephone: 56-9-71566564

  • Grupo Cochrane SpA

    Chilean fruit export company with a deep knowledge of the geography, climates and fruits of Chile. Focus on the whole chain of production maintaining higher international standards to maximize customer satisfaction.

    Telephone: 056-9-94196170

  • Agroprodex International SA

    We are an agro-industrial company placed among the most important chilean fruit-exporter companies. mainly oriented toward dried and dehydrated fruits like raisins, prunes, almonds, walnuts. But we also trade oregano, rosehip, beeshoney beans. have excellent quality products prices as ...

    Telephone: 56-2-26542800Address:Av Jaime Guzman Errazuriz 3180 Renca

  • Maniqui

    Telephone: 56-9-64954281

  • Orkester S.A.

    Would you like to sell your products and solutions in Latin America?Do need the right partners expand ?Please contact us, we can help!We provide Country Management Services based Chile, serving America. Since 2003 representing IT/Telecom/Software manufacturers Sales, Marketing, ...

    Telephone: 56-9-822 9800Address:Medinacelli, 1155 Suite 131

  • Artecontemporaneo.cl

    ARTECONTEMPORANEO WAS CREATED IN Chile TO PROMOTE CHILEAN ARTISTS ABROAD. We are devoted to sale all sizes all techniques pieces of art. We have been participating in lots of art fairs like KIAF in South Korea, Shanghai Art, China and Art Miami, USA.

    Telephone: 56-2-3258950Address:Recife 1922

  • iqt sa

    Telephone: 56-75287780Address:Av. Norte 12000


    This supplier has not provided a Company Introduction yet.

    Telephone: 56-2-4185096Address:Santiago Luis Thayer Ojeda 0191 OFF. 1201

  • Garcia Irusta Ltda

    Company number one selling leather goods in chileWe have over 40 years experience manufacturing fine articles of the highest quality.Customers such as Falabella, Cencosud, Ripley, Paco Rabanne, Legacy trust ...

    Telephone: 56-9-78494450

  • Comercial Silva SPA

    We are a family business since 1990. develope products for the main retailers in Chile. work with best national and imported leathers, always looking quality. Also, we can make specific designs small quantities if it is required. ...

    Telephone: 56-9-51066963

  • Monte Alto Forestal S.A.

    Telephone: 56-2-4535258Address:Balaguer 9459 Off. 502-Vitacura


    Telephone: 86-0757-28912871Address:hanghua industrial zone north 9


    Telephone: 56-2-9677141Address:Ecuador 9290

  • rokers $ Broker

    My specialty is to approach buyers and salesmen of the world, asi like studies penetration in Chile look for partners businesses investment profitable projects Chile.Chile pais but stable Sudamerica supplier agricolas products, quimicos, mineral water, wines, products others. Purchase ...

    Telephone: 56-2-7776904Address:Artesanos 631. Recoleta


    Telephone: 56-2-7453098Address:taqueral 2b lote 1

  • datico

    Telephone: 56-58-233804Address:Colon 22

  • FREMI Ltda.

    Our company is very important in the scrap bussines in Chile. Estabilished in 1993.Our company buy and sell iron scrap, cooper, aluminium, yellow cooper and others metals ferous and non ferrous for exportation

    Telephone: 56-71-246530Address:32 14th Orient Avenue, The Tabaco

  • Metalchile

    Chilean enterprise located since the second to the fourth region. Started to work on 1998 manufactoring mininig equipments with PME technology development and Iron Ore (magnetite) and Cooper mining operations.

    Telephone: 56-55-210550Address:Avenida Pedro Aguirre Cerda 12. 572

  • Hidroline

    Telephone: 56-051-545149Address:Los Carpinteros 1241