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  • LegiteL

    Buying agent for Canada. Excellent and expert knowledge of Canada's manufacturers, we can assist you in 3 languages (english, french spanish). What ever product are looking Canada, give us a description along with your target price, will source it at or below price.Whether be Quebec, ...

    Telephone:1 - 514 - 2335933Address:549 Gilbert Laval, Quebec

  • Ppw corporatio

    We are a large international ecommerce, direct marketing and wholesale company with a number of businesses lines including a large one in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Telephone:604 - 678 - 9991*****Address:2201, 750 west georgia st vancouver, bc

  • Phela

    Telephone:1416 - 488 - 0919*****Address:* Hillholm Rd. Toronto, Ontario

  • Teleco canada

    We are a Telecommunication Co, based in Montreal, Canada. provide Long Distance and Internet to personnal Business users,. have over 4 Millions Subscribers North America, Our Name speaks for itself, we the 3th telecommunication provider ...

    Telephone:1 - 514 - 838*****Address:357 Place D'Youville Montreal,

  • EasyWrapBoxe

    We are partnering with Universal Studios, Nickelodeon, Cinar, Sesame Street, 4Kids Entertainment, NFL, Cinar DIC Entertainment and many more to bring the market a very unique, but in high demand product line! ready launch across North America would like discuss your involvement. ...

    Telephone:1 - 613 - 7283269Address:2335 St. Laurent Blvd Units 102-105 Ottawa,

  • mCm Productio

    mCm Production is a company that manage electronic music artists.We also offer Web Site conception and programming.

    Telephone:1 - 514 - 38*****Address:4-10540 Tach Montrial, Quebec

  • Meade Willi

    Meade Willis, a privately-owned company, was founded in 1995 to address the e-commerce/business-to-business void that existed between large organizations (already strongly involved with e-commerce) and small/medium firms who had been deterred from electronic commerce by high costs ...

    Telephone:1 - 514 - 3691146Address:5005 Jean Talon, Suite 10 Montreal, Quebec

  • Noormak Industrial Development Corproatio

    NIDC provides the business development services and the equipment mahcinery for distribution and manufacturing operations.

    Telephone:1 - 905 - 62*****Address:1803 Chalkdene Grove  Mississauga, Ontario

  • XGC Consulting

    XGC Consulting Inc. has two primary lines of business. The first is multimedia system design and implementation services, the second IT Security management services.With several years industry experience held by corporation's executive team, respected as leading edge service ...

    Telephone:1 - 613 - 86*****Address:126 Kerford Rd. Merrickville,

  • E&A Strategic Planning Consultant

    Prefabricated housing & finance includeing steel and wood frame.over years refined wood/steel-frame systems have set the standard for production efficiency, comfort energy-efficient performance.Our are inexpensive to build maintain, making them a very affordable popular choice many ...

    Telephone:1 - 926 - 6635Address:1 Plave Ville Marie, Suite 2821 Montreal, Quebec

  • Made In Torono

    Creative, Marketing, Event coordination, Graphic design. I am always happy to explore new opportunities, if you need your representative guy in Toronto please contact me.

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 0000*****Address:701 King St. W  Toronto, ON

  • Mobalex

    A telecommunication company provides high-quality low-cost long distance service. You can be our agent and start your own business! EARN commission by selling products. For more information about products on the www.mobalex.com www.sms2call.com ...

    Telephone:1 - 647 - 2885556Address:10 King Street East, Suite 1000 Toronto, ON

  • RAMS Group - Recurring Revenue Management Service

    RAMS Group provides a range of customer interface services utilizing secure and integrated business systems at price points that represent substantial value-add to the enterprise. Such can include:Billing UsersPayment processingCash flow assuranceCollection methodologiesUser ...

    Telephone:1 - 647 - 8966997Address:2 Aberfoyle Cres., Suite 1201 Etobicoke, Ontario

  • Mail Boxes Etc

    Want to establish a trading presence in Canada's largest city without incurring the high cost of office space rental? We offer you premium mailing suite address on Toronto's major business street. Mail from your customers / suppliers can be sent personal 'suite' ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 2397687Address:3044 Bloor St West Toronto, ON

  • Boreal Wirele

    Telephone:1 - 780 - 77*****Address:346 Center St Kinuso, AB

  • Thistle Creek Wellne

    I am a small fitness centre looking to expand into setting up spas. My goal is to open 2 a year for the first year and double in year 2. My major goal is to open and sell 5 per year in the follwoing 3 years.

    Telephone:1 - 519-762 - 0059*****Address:174 Main St Unit #10 Dutton, Ontario

  • Viewgater Inc

    We reserves the right to repair, replace or credit, subject to verification of parts being defective and originally purchased from Viewgate DVR Inc., under any circumstances.

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 41*****Address:111 Hwy 80 East,Gladewater Markham, Ontario

  • Bacax Inc.

    ackaging, repacking,and assembling. Transpotation Logistic and distruibuting. Purchasing and resaling of products.

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 57*****Address:3658 Golden Locust Drive Mississauga, Ontario

  • Power Broadband System

    Power Broadband Systems provides the lowest cost method to deploy secure, reliable enterprise level broadband access services throughout an entire commercial building using building's existing electrical infrastructure.It is a perfect solution for Heritage buildings and older ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 8196899Address:1174 Shaw Street Toronto,

  • Gowldtrade Inc

    This is a good place to find worldwide's buyers and Suppliers all over the world.Hundreds of thousands have already joined, now it's time for you do so as well. We offer different levels advertising suit your business' needs, with three premium memberships, Gold, Silver ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 90*****Address:901 Dunsas St Toronto, ON

  • VH Distribution Grou

    Virgo Hypertrophics Distribution is the contracted operator of Francis (translated) Health Dispensiary in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. We coordinate business activities for "for-profit" wing medical supply chain and profitably resell finished medicine latest ISO GMP standards. ...

    Telephone:1 - 206 - 9849688Address:Francis Health Dispensiary-Business Sample Unit Quebec City, Quebec

  • Canadian Visa Service

    We offer incredible opportunities for you to immigrate Canada. Our visa services as well job openings are top of the line and creates your loved ones obtain a better life in one leading countries accepting immigrants today. Contact us information on our assistance program ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 2806176Address:46 Sheppard Ave. Toronto,

  • Jiar Trading Cor

    We provide the trade service for small and medium companies in world. Our business to online exchange platform is powerful famous North America.We focus on providing mechanical electrical products leads through our platform. ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 91*****Address:899 Silver Dr. Toronto, ON

  • Wlderer Tarade Inc.

    embiznet.trade83.com -electric & mechanic B2B sitehttp://embiznet.trade83.com/ is one of the largest free electrical and mechanical website.Thousands trade leads inforamtion can be found easily, which help you create expand your business opportunities.The registration completely ...

    Telephone:1 - 416 - 2*****Address:78 Dundas St. Toronto, ON

  • Green Energy Alternative

    Green Energy Alternatives is a new startup company in the emerging marketplace of production and distribution biodiesel biofuels as well other forms alternative energy sources.We are currently process setting up manufacturing facility British Columbia,Canada. ...

    Telephone:1 - 778 - 829*****Address:454 E 8th Ave. Vancouver, British Columbia

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