Company Introduction

Soundtech Manufacturing Company produces Micro-Electronic Mechanisms (commonly known as "Electronics Modules") used in Greetings and Promotional products : such as Sound Cards, Sound Badges / Buttons, Sound Mailers and Mugs. The application of these mechanisms to finished products is infinite and limited only by the imagination. Some of these applications include audio greeting cards, recordable greeting cards, audio direct mail, video cards, and more.Our manufacturing base is located in Dongguan, China, occupying 2,200 sq. meter for production operations area plus 1,600 sq. meter for dormitory, employing about 200-350 employees, vary with seasons. We are equipped with tremendous production flexibility, a great working environment and green and lean production processes.We maintain consistent high quality in production, ensured by our skilled workforce. Our factory also has one of the lowest turnovers of workforce. To increase efficiency of production area and facilities, we have moved to SMT technology and more state of the art bonding machines.All the components used in our electronic mechanisms are stringently checked and analysed for their compatibility with each other, reliability, shelf-life and to overall performance expected of the final finished products.Our main goals are full implementation of green and lean manufacturing, strengthen engineering and R&D, invest in new technology and vertical integration and diversification.We are based in Hong Kong, and our manufacturing base is located in Dongguan, China. Apart from manufacturing high volume, low cost micro-electronic mechanisms, we specialise in their application to paper mechanics and other 3 dimensional gift products.SoundTech is run by experts in this industry, with nearly 30 years of experience in micro electronics application to greeting cards and related products. The owners of the group have been innovators in this niche card and gift market since the appearance of the very first musical cards in the early '80s. The group has designed and manufactured electronic mechanisms for some of the world's top brands.Our Mission Statement- To provide excellence in product and service.- Innovation in products and working practices.- To build mutually beneficial relationships with key suppliers and customers.- To protect customer confidentiality.- Employee welfare.- To protect the environment.Our Solutions:In today's fast paced and highly competitive markets, product and marketing impact is vital. SoundTech are experts at providing enhanced product solutions using Sound, Light, Video, Motion and Interaction, and more.Our extensive experience with micro-electronics together with our strong supply chain network, allows us to produce cost-effective and unrivalled effects when it comes to embedding the following mechanisms.SOUNDWe can embed music, songs, and speech into your products and promotional material and activation methods range from pull, press, touch and other types of mechanisms.LIGHTThe variety of lighting effects that can be produced by micro-electronics are vast! We have different colours and pattern combinations that can produce an endless variety of effects, from twinkling lights, flowing rivers, fade in fade out as well as colour changing. These combinations are put into effect with the use of fiber optics and various types of LEDs.VOICE RECORDINGWith Personalization and Customization becoming more important, our voice recordable mechanisms can turn any product into a memorable keepsake.MOTIONSurprise your audience by adding vibrations, rotations, shakes and other kinds of motion to your products.VIDEOBring your product/promotion to life, by embedding a paper-thin video screen. Our cost- competitive, user-friendly screens come in a variety of sizes with a range of memory and playback options.Contact us to learn more solutions in respect of PHOTO, INTERACTION, and PAPER MECHANICS etc.

Contact Information

  • Contact Person : Mr. Rikki Shah
  • Department : Director/CEO/General Manager
  • Job Title : Operations Director
  • Telephone : 852-852-22073900
  • Address : 15/B, YHC Tower
  • Website : Visit website

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